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List of references

After the text of the paper, include an alphabetized list of references titled “References Cited”. Every citation in the text must have an entry in the list, and every reference in the list must be cited at least once in the text. Do not include sources you looked at for general background but did not actually refer to in the text. Write out first names of authors, rather than using initials. Book and journal titles are italicized, but chapter and article titles are not, so that each published reference has a single italicized title. A typical book reference looks like:

Trigger, Bruce G.


Early Civilizations, Ancient Egypt in Context. The American University in Cairo Press, Cairo.

A typical journal article reference has the volume (often the year number) of the journal, with the issue number in parentheses, followed by a colon and the pages of the article. For example:

Adams, Robert M.


The Origin of Cities. Scientific American 203(3):153-168.

The example above is an article in volume 203 of Scientific American, issue 3 (probably March), pages 153-168, published in 1960.

If there are multiple authors, only the first one is written last-name first. The rest are in normal order, in the order given in the publication. For example:

Whittaker, John, and Michael Stafford


Replicas, Fakes, and Art: The Twentieth-Century Stone Age and Its Effects on Archaeology. American Antiquity 64(2):203-214.

Web pages should also be included in the list of references. The general format is:

Author's Last Name, First Name


Title. Electronic document, <internet address>, accessed <full date>.

Khan, Omar


The Ancient Indus Civilization. Electronic document, http://www.harappa.com/har/har1.html, accessed February 27, 2008.

Posted class notes, slides, and readings by me should be referenced as internet resources, since they are available only from the class website. For example:

Owen, Bruce 2009a Some definitions of “civilization” and “complex society”. Electronic document, http://bruceowen.com/emciv/pw/341-09s-Definitions-CivAndComplexSociety.pdf, accessed February 28, 2009. 2009b The emergence of civilization in Mesopotamia: ‘Ubaid and Uruk. Electronic document, http://bruceowen.com/emciv/341-09s-09-UbaidUruk.pdf, accessed February 27, 2009.

Note how multiple items by the same author are lumped together below the author’s name, which is only listed once. The lower-case letters are arbitrary and assigned by you to whatever items you use by the author with the same date in this particular paper. Another paper might use “Owen 2009b” to refer to a different item.

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