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Bob Brown Article #1 Building Word Pictures that Sell with the Hook, Line & Sinker

It's a well-known fact that delicious word pictures sell. I’ve created a tool that will help you effectively paint word pictures and give the guest inside information at the same time. It’s called the “Hook, Line & Sinker” technique.

The Hook: it’s a benefit line or attention getter – a starter selling line. It’s hard enough to get guest’s attention for more than a fleeting moment, so start your presentation with a bang that gets them to listen..

“A great appetizer to share is our ….

“Soothing or warming, we offer ….”

“Refreshing and delicious is our ….

“If you’d like to treat yourself, I wouldn’t want you to miss ….

When you use these powerful opening lines, you avoid asking those deadly “Yes/No” questions:

“Are you ready to order?”

“Can I interest you in….”

“May I offer you….”

“Did you save room for dessert?”

The Line: The line is where you actually describe a dish in interesting detail. It contains inside information about the item; how it’s cooked, how it’s sauced and plated. There are six different parts to the Line:

  • 1.

    The item – The name of the item. “The grouper scampi style”.

  • 2.

    Interesting information – anyone can read a menu, but you have an edge – the inside

scoop on the dish. Where the item is from, when and by whom it was first created. For example, “Buffalo Wings” were invented at the Anchor Inn in Buffalo, NY. Interesting information makes the guest perk up and remember.

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