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I do not think “Chitchat” needs an elaborate introduction.   An explanation what “Chitchat” is, is given as a brief note on the first page itself.  But it doesn’t explain what motivated me to attempt writing another book following the “Keepsake” series and “Bouquet of Violets”.    And “This Too Is Vanity”.

When age advances physical energy declines, vitality goes down slope but mental alertness, strange to say, appears to be as live as ever.   A lot of new thoughts flash past the brain and heaps of memory of  early life keep coming back vividly, especially those of happy events, as also opinions held, past and present, right or wrong, mature or frivolous.

Surprisingly it took me much longer time to compile this volume, compared to my previous ones partly because of reduced enthusiasm for piling up more and more of “Chitchat” which, in my opinion, wasn’t going to see the light of the day, to any appreciable extent among the members of the Norman family who are either too busy or too involved in their own thoughts and activities and partly because I honestly wanted to call a halt to this, for I neither get a feed back nor a word of appreciation except, of course, from Charles and Janaki, Freddy and Genie who in spite of my low language skill and vast difference between my mundane thinking and their spiritual training and experience have put up with me and have genuinely and subtly expressed their appreciation for my efforts.

I must thank Roby and Stella for their thoughtful gift of a personal computer back in 2001 which enthused me to more creative work which I would not have been tempted to attempt with my typewriters.   Roby has also placed some of my articles and poems in his web-site for which I thank him.

Of one thing, I am sure.   Some of these volumes in the hands of the Normans of Nagalpuram will keep them reminded of me long after I am gone!  Do you call that ego?


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