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strictly follow the code of conduct of public servants.   But do you think the government servants would love it?   They think it is nagging of the worst kind.   After all, Jayalalithaa is a woman and she has the woman’s instinct to nag .  If she doesn’t do it from  her elevated position in her government who  else would?

Recently I read three books: “Why Men Lie and Women Cry”, “Men Don’t Listen & Women can’t Read Maps” and “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”.    Now I understand some of the misjudged behaviour  of women and why they are different from men.   And difficult to handle.   God made them different and I thank Him for that.   Otherwise the world would have been devoid of colour, conflict, contradiction and compromise.

If I tell her that I have sent a couple of e-mails, she would ask what I wrote.   It would be difficult to convince her that what I wrote was a letter and not a high school composition.   Do you think it would be advisable to lie to save myself?   Men do, you know.

25)   “Preface” to the first volume of ‘Keepsake’

This book is a compilation of all those passages and poems I  have read and appreciated during a long period of my life and my own writings, poems and sketches. Most of the excerpts  and poems were collected during my college days.   Surprisingly, I got interested once again in Modern Indian Poetry in English in my fifties and attempted to write a few, myself.    My ‘works’, according to my opinion, do not measure up to any standard of English writing but I certainly applaud myself for the courage of my endeavour.   To let go a life-time collection to perish, and be lost, will be both deplorable and foolish.   Hence this effort in bringing out this volume with the  hope that someone may find it amusing to browse through, even if not beneficial.   

I have always found myself an ‘odd’ person among the members of our families;  having held values different from those upheld and cherished by them.    My love for literature, both English and Tamil, for Carnatic Music, for Indian dances, for cinema and for fine-arts in general had given rise to doubts as to my Christian standing.  The influence of  the writings of Thomas Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, H.G.Wells, Thomas Paine, Guy de Maupassant,  Somerset  Maugham and others in my early years has been lasting and persistent.   It is not surprising, therefore, that I was looked upon with a certain amount of misgiving, if not contempt, by our elders.   Hence, in going through this collection, the reader faced with a doubt as to why I had been attracted to those authors and their works must forgive my sentiments and not question me.   I expect them to accept me as I have been and as I am.

I do not really intend to apologise to the reader for the numerous errors in typing, for, they were not intentional.   They only indicate that my skill in typing is poor and that I do not stand a chance of qualifying for any ‘Lower Grade’ typewriting  examination .   A placard above a pianist in a Mexican Hotel read, ”Don’t shoot the pianist, he is doing his best.”   I can assure you I have done my best.


Sep. 1990.

26)    Early Christians of Nagalapuram

The Christian church was established in Nagalapuram area early in the 19th century at the time of Rev.Canton .  There is no record to establish the exact dates of the beginnings of Christian congregation in this area.   If the work of Rev.Canton is assumed to be the earliest to result in conversion to Christianity in Nagalapuram area, then the history of Christianity here can be  considered to be 175 years old.

Following the Sepoy Mutiny  in 1857, British troops were stationed in different places  on the south to monitor and to counteract any rebellious action by the local Zamindars and Rajas.   Some garrison churches were established during this period  but they essentially remained as churches for the Englishmen.   One Nagappa Nayak, a rebel chieftain was hanged near Nagalapuram; hence (they say) the name Nagalapuram to this village.

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