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During the middle and later half of 19th century there was substantial conversion to Christianity in Nagalapuram area, particularly because of protection offered to certain communities during the communal riots between high caste Hindus  and low class Hindus.   Many became Christians enticed by free education, free food and clothing offered by the English Missionaries.   Once the fear of communal riots disappeared and law and order was established,  many returned to the Hindu fold, particularly those who thought Christianity a hindrance to their practice of bigamy or polygamy.

(27)    Jewish  Suffering

When Jesus claimed that he  was the Son of God, he antagonised the Pharisees and Sadducees and earned the wrath of the High Priest.   The traditional Jews were neither willing to change their belief nor accept the Divinity of Christ.   They considered the claim of Jesus to Divinity a blasphemy and finally they were responsible to get Jesus crucified with the consent of Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor.

Though Jesus did not mean to establish a religion, his disciples called themselves Christians and did not pardon the sins of the Jews in betraying Jesus to the Roman Law.    This hatred for the Jews, deep seated as it were in the minds of Christian societies of later days, has been the cause for immense suffering and misery to which the Jews were subjected.

“ The root of Jewish suffering grew out of the rise of another religion(Christianity) dedicated , paradoxically, to the love of man for man.   Burning in the ardour of their new faith to convert the pagan masses, the early fathers of Christian Churches strove to emphasise the difference between their religion and its theological predecessor by forcing upon the Jews a kind of spiritual apartheid.”   --  Quoted from ‘Rise and Fall of Third Reich’

By William Shirer

(28)   Single- book  Theology

The Muslims have their Koran, the Sikhs, the Guru Grunth Sahib, Parsis, the Zend Avesta and the Christians have their Bible.   One thing common with them is that they all have a single holy book for their guidance.   Some scholars believe that the thought process of men and women clinging on to a single- book theology tend to become parochial and narrow.   And they believe that all religions other than theirs are false.  

29)    A Candle Blown Out

The other day I read in the news-paper that a well- known economist died in Bombay in his sleep.

But what is more important is what one did on this earth while still living, to what good use  and to what good work we put our body and soul as a living being.   I came across a passage from John Galsworthy which I quote:-   “ Most of us would now prefer to have our lives blown out as a man blows out a candle:  choose to burn steadily to a swift last, instead of with flickering, sorrowful, dwindling out of flames into darkness that we see creeping around us .   There has ever been something mean, too, about our preparation for dying, with its calculated confession of wrong doings and its squirming effort to square  accounts at the last;  as if a man having comfortably cheated his neighbours all his life, sought the odour of honesty only when mortal sickness deprives him of the power of cheating them any more.   A singular  cynicism or a strange lack of  charity in estimating the Divine character attends the notion of a “death-bed repentance.”  

30)   Before  the  Beginning

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.( Genesis 1:1) A very simple statement, easy to understand.   Or is it?   God made the beginning of this universe.   Was it the seven-day creation of

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