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early Jewish and later, Christian belief?   Or was it the Big Bang that the astronomers theorise?  Whichever  it be, the universe must have had a beginning sometime and some one must have created it..   What  we are going to consider is not what, who, when or how the universe was created but what was there before it was born.

Of course, God was there before all His creations were in existence.   Did He have a  beginning Himself?   If yes, by whom was He created?   If He had not been created by someone, he must have  self existed eternally.   Did eternity have a beginning?   If it had, it wouldn’t be eternity.  Human mind, being limited in its capacity to understand, fails to solve such a mystery.   That is why the phrase  “in the beginning”  becomes just a matter of faith.

Einstein and astrophysicists have a theory of the beginning of the universe.   A complex one to comprehend.   A mathematical concept.   Put in simple words it is like this:-  There was a small particle, as small as a pin-head (astrophysicists say it was just a point and they call it singularity), which was  a compact pack of energy.   It exploded and out of its extraordinary explosion  Space, Time and Energy were born simultaneously.   Before the explosion, called the Big Bang, there  was no space and no time.   Space and time were born at the instant of the Big Bang.   The energy released as the result of the explosion was converted into matter and matter converted to energy, vice-versa.   The universe and all  the matter contained in it  were born thus and dispersed at enormous velocities to the far corners of the present day universe.   The universe appears to be  expanding even to this day due to the expansion of space.  Ask them what was there before the Big Bang.   We get the answer, ”There was  NOTHING.”   No Space, no Time, NOTHING.   Not even void, unoccupied emptiness!   Science has no answer (thus far) how the particle (singularity) existed and why  or what triggered it to explode.  All that the astronomers assert is that there was NOTHING before the Big Bang.

Now let us see what Rig Veda says in its Hymn of Creation:-

Then even Nothingness was not, nor existence,             At first there was only darkness wrapped in darkness

There was no air then, nor the heavens beyond it           All this was only unillumined water

What covered it?   Where was it?   In whose keeping?   That One which came to be enclosed in nothing  

Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed?     Arose at last, born of the power of heat.

Then there were neither death nor immortality                 Whence all creation had its origin,

Nor wasthere then the torch of night and day                  He, whether He fashioned it or  He did not

The One breathed windlessly and self sustaining              He who surveys it all from high heaven    

There was the One then and there was no other.               He knows-or maybe He even does not   


“Then even nothingness was not”    No space, no Time, no Energy except the One who breathed windlessly because there was no air and self sustaining.   Quite an imagination!   Rig Veda was written about 1500 years before Christ.    So what was  there before the beginning?   The answer is, “I don’t know!”

31)      Disturbing News    ( HINDU dated 31 January 2004)

Two news items in today’s “Hindu”  (31 January 2004)  disturbed my mind.   The first was captioned  “A grandmother and mother”. It says, “ A woman aged 43 has given birth to her own grandchildren after ‘lending out’ her womb to her daughter and son-in-law.   The test-tube twins, a boy and a girl, were born this week by caessarean operation in Gujarat where the grandmother lives.”

This elder lady’s daughter was incapable of bearing a child though she had healthy ovary.   She could not find a surrogate mother in England and in India to develop her own eggs.   The couple, both Gujarathis, live in England.   It was then that the young woman’s mother (aged 43) volunteered to carry her daughter’s babies in her womb.   And she did.   The result was that the grandmother became the mother of her own grandchildren, test-tube twins, a boy and a girl.   

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