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It is a bit confusing to think what medical science is up to without any consideration for social ethics and backlash when the children grow up and come to know the truth about their birth.   Is it the doctor who carried out the IVF (in-vitro fertilization) procedure to blame or the medical science ?   The paper further says that, earlier, there had been similar cases of grandmothers becoming mothers of grandchildren in England and in Africa.

I strongly feel that this kind of IVF procedure on near relatives, younger or older, is ethically wrong.   I agree with the suggestion given in the same news item,   ”Sometimes the best way forward is to accept infertility as harsh as that may sound.   There are children in millions around the world who want to be loved and adopted.”


The second news item is worse: “A cannibal goes to jail”.   A German confessed to killing and eating another man.   The killer was a 42 year old computer expert and the killed was a volunteer who came to the killer on his own free will to end his life and be eaten.   The victim wanted to be stabbed to death after consuming a bottle of medicine to lose his consciousness.   He had also taken half a bottle of alcohol and swallowed 20 sleeping pills.   

A grisly video of the act of killing (and possibly eating) was shown to the court in closed session.  

Can one think of anything more perverse and degrading, than the  aggressive motive of the one in butchering a human for eating his flesh and the submissive surrender of the other to be killed and eaten!

The German court in Kassel, sentenced him to eight and a half years in prison.   The court ruled that the accused had no “base motives “ and spared him of a possible murder conviction.

32)   Christianity I Grew Through

When I was young, Christianity was a simple affair.   I was exposed to its observances like these:-

Except, of course, on festival days when we showed off our new dresses, burst crackers, decorated the house with paper chains of different colours, hung the home-made star, made of bamboo strips, and .illuminated it by  a lighted candle inside.   There was no electricity in Ramnad those days.   Ladies at home were busy making sweet-meats and  other festival goodies partly to be eaten by and us but mostly to be distributed to the innumerable neighbours who were Hindus.   This was done on a reciprocal basis for what they had given us on their Diwali days.   Christmas and New Year were days of festivity to enjoy except for the discomfort of keeping awake in the church during the normal sleeping hours while quite a number of the male elders around us went to sleep during the sermon in spite of the high decibel voice of the pastor at the pulpit    In those days there were no loud-speakers and the priest had to shout to carry his voice to the far end of the church    The women were more vigilant, awake, sang loudly (to keep them awake), and generally smelt of perfumes.   Their starched silk saris rustled at every movement.

Reading the Bible every morning was a ritual that was not insisted upon, though we were scolded for our failure, now and then.   Attendance at the Sunday school was not considered a must for teenagers.   The VBS was not known then..   Very few Sunday school teachers made the class interesting and attractive except when they dwelt on the miracles of Jesus, dramatising  them.   We preferred mostly to run home before they rounded us up to fill the class.

That was the atmosphere in 1930s in Ramnad, a sleepy town built around the palace of the local rajah, the Sethupathi.   There were only a sprinkling of Christians, mostly concentrated in Singaratope.   We were half a dozen Christian families amidst staunch Hindus who would not give in to the Christian pressure of conversion  but considered Christianity one among the many good religions of the world.   Not superior or inferior to any other.   They generally judged a religion not  as “Truth” or non-truth but whether it is practicable and leaves a wide choice  to human understanding at various levels of intellect and capability.

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