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not because she was the wife of Rajiv Gandhi but because she was born in a foreign land.   It is an insult to the one hundred crores people of India.   Couldn't the Indian National Congress find one man in the whole of India to be its president and prime-minister of the country? Sonia may be a good woman, loyal to India, may even prove a competent and effective administrator.   Nevertheless she is a foreigner.   India should not forget that.

       Yours affectionately,

       Periappa                                 Bangalore:  17 May 2004

39)   Cycle of Life, Matter and Energy

Here is an observation I made early this morning as I was going out for my morning walk.   I saw a lone raven (not a crow) cawing pitifully near a dead chick lying on the side of the road.   I felt sorry for the bird, possibly the chick was killed by someone and left at the edge of the road.   Possibly she was the mother of the chick.   I went away feeling sad for the bird.   May be she was not even aware that her chick was dead.   I have seen in Discovery Channel chimp mothers carrying their dead young babies for two or three days, not understanding death or  believing  their babies could die.

       What surprised me was  what I saw on my way back.   The same raven  which was crying over her dead chick had pecked deep into its flesh and was eating it.   A crow is a scavenger bird, we were taught in schools.   Perhaps this raven was only fulfilling its function for which it was created.   In doing so she was recycling energy and matter.   One day, in her turn, she will also die and will be eaten by other scavengers  or be eaten alive by other predators recycling matter and energy once again.   The cycle of life will go on.

20 May 2004

40)   Indian  Elections (2)

Indian elections brought to light two surprising results:-   The unexpected victory of the Congress and its allies as also the defeat of the BJP and its allies who were very hopeful of their ruling the country for the next five years.   The second surprise was the momentous decision of Sonia Gandhi opting out of Prime-ministership and proposing Manmohan Singh for the post.   She was offered the post on the platter, as it were, but she decided to stay away for very good reasons both personal and national.   There was high drama in Delhi for two days before the congress party accepted her decision.   In the voluntary withdrawal of Sonia from the honour and responsibility of the prime-ministership of this country, she has earned a status and respect of the Indian people.  At the same time she has given the right answer to stalwarts of the BJP who were harping on her Italian origin.   There were a couple of unhealthy and mean resolves by two women politicians of the BJP for which Sonia gave a shocking answer.   There were rumours of threats of assassination of Sonia and the Gandhi family which may or may not be true, but Sonia's children did not want Sonia to accept her post.  They had said,” we have lost our father, we do not want to lose our mother too."   Now that Manmohan Singh has taken over as PM of India, let us see how he manages with the allies of the congress who seem to pull in different direction fighting for plum posts in the ministry in exchange for their support for the congress.    In India politicians do not think in terms of national priorities; they want to satisfy their own personal ambitions.

                                                                                                                                                   23 May 2004

41)   My Home Library

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