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They say are mighty fine;                          They say are mighty fine;

You can use them as shoelaces,                They give you marks one hundred

Or as a fishing line                                    And minus ninety-nine.

The chappathis at my boarding school,

They say are mighty fine:

You bite them in one corner,

Your teeth are left behind                                                        The Hindu:   12 June 2004

46)   The  Peril  of  Marketing                         ………….      An one-act play   by   C.D.Norman  -

        dt. 12 June 2004

Characters:-   He             Locale:   Home       Situation:   He is  back from

                                                                                          the market bringing        

                                                                                                      bags fill of things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


He:     Hi,  Where are you, I am back from the market.   Come, see what I have bought.

She:     (from behind the stage)  I heard you coming in.   Have you brought all that I wanted?

He:      Well, I kept on repeating your list of purchases, in my mind until I was nearly knocked   down by an   auto while crossing the road.

She:     (comes into the scene)  I know, you always have been careless, walking on the road.

He;      Wouldn’t you like to see what I have brought?

She:     (goes through the articles displayed on the kitchen table; picks up a transparent plastic packet stuffed  with something.)   What is this?

He:       Mutton, of course.

She:     Looks like all bones and fat.   Are you sure you asked for mutton and not bones?

He:       Oh! dear.   I saw him cutting out a chunk from the leg of mutton.

She:      And added bones for good measure?   

            And who asked you to buy potatoes?   We already have enough here, rotting.

He:       I’m sorry I mixed up onion and potato in my mind.

She:      So you haven’t bought onions, you may have to go again.   No onions in the basket here.

He:       Well, if I have to, I will.   I am a retired person.   No hurry to office or anywhere.

She:     You were the same even when you were working.

 Now, where did you find these sparrow’s eggs?

He:       Oh! Dear.   They are hen’s eggs, no doubt.   They may be a bit small in size.   They are not

             sparrow’s  eggs, surely.

She:     I suppose they keep them specially for retired men who cannot see the difference between a

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