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            pebble and   a boulder.

He:     You always blame me for what I purchase.   Then why don’t you go to the market, yourself?

She:      What? Do the marketing, do the cooking, do the swabbing, do the washing, dusting and do

            everything.   What do you do at home to help me,  may I ask?

            (she picks up a bunch of bananas) Why are they black on the underside?

He:        See they are yellow on the front side.   He said they are just ripe to be eaten.

She:       And you believed him!   He has got rid of a dozen of his over ripe bananas.

He:        No. He is a nice fellow. He smiles whenever  he sees me in the market place and says


She:       And pushes the rotten bananas with a smile and a  “salaam” ?

     (she picks up a bunch of green coriander)   They resemble coriander don’t they?  

He:         Yes, dear.   They are the fresh ones I could find in Hutchins Road.   Any question?

She:       Of course, they were fresh, a week ago.

He:        Now, if you are going to pick on me for everything I purchase  …………

            (He dashes out of the house, for a breath of fresh air.  And bangs the door shut)

                                                                    CURTAIN closes

47)   How  to  Go  to  Church

              Thousands of people are passing up the richest opportunity of their lives every Sunday.   After a week filled with bustle and tension, and after a late Saturday night, they get up, have breakfast and hustle off to church.   They may arrive a little breathless in order to catch the processional hymn.   After that they sit back and let God , the minister and the choir take over and thereby defeat the very purposes for which, presumably, they have come to the church.   Instead of participating in the worship of God, too many parishioners are mere spectators at a feast that could nourish the soul and refresh the entire being.

Some come to church a few minutes early so that they might pray quietly and feel the peace of God’s house.   Instead  of brooding aimlessly over the problems  and hurly-burly of the past week, or idly observing the people around them they try to clear their minds and think only of God’s presence and His nearness to them.   During prayers and responses, they try to think every word, every  phrase, every sentence and to say them clearly, to grasp the meaning fully.

We leave the turbulence and pressures of the world, walk into God’s healing presence.   We communicate with Him and receive the blessings of peace.   The minister’s sermon, the choir music, the fellowship of the other members of the congregation are incidental in the purpose for which we are in the holy place;  complete and active communion with God.   We cannot expect to hurry into church at the last minute and be ready for a profound experience.   Worship requires an attitude of reverence and expectancy

We need a quiet time and quiet place in which to see ourselves as part of the great pattern of things, to measure ourselves and our activities in the light of God’s presence .   The quiet listening gives us time to take our bearings.   It quickens our senses and reminds us that  we are not alone, that a higher intelligence has designed our course.   It helps us to see the truth.

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