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I also recall the remark of a visiting professor from the US who conducted Work Shops in teaching of Physics for high school teachers which I once attended.   In one of the articles he wrote to a Teachers’ Magazine  he expressed his impression about the standard of teaching of Physics in high schools in India.  After discussing what he saw in different schools he dwelt on the  laboratory facility available in Bombay Scottish School where I taught and concluded, “In the hands of teachers like Mr. Norman, the teaching of physics is safe in India.”   Can anyone hope for a better evaluation that that?   My eyes were wet with tears of joy when I read that compliment. If that wasn’t a teacher’s reward, what else is?

31 August 2004

59)   Sirdar  buys  his  car  

A sirdar bought his first car, which was his ambition to own.   After choosing his vehicle from the show room he listened to the salesman about the advantages of the vehicle he had chosen and early maintenance services offered by the company.   To keep the vehicle in fit condition, he was told to run it at lease thirty kilometres  every day.

Exactly hundred days after the sale, the telephone bell rang in the sales office.   The sirdar was at the other end: “I am now 3000 Kilometres away from home.   Tell me what do I do next.”


A young adventurous sirdar bought his first car.   He was anxious to experience a long drive.  

His people became anxious because he did not reach home even after four days.   He arrived on the fifth day, very angry with the manufacturers of  his new car.  “They have given four forward gears in this car’, he shouted, “but only one reverse gear.”


60)   All  P’s

A.P.   Andhra Pradesh;   Associated Press

B.P.   British Petroleum;   Blood Pressure;   b.p. - boiling point

C.P.   Central Province

D.P.   Displaced Person;   Data Processing

E.P.   Extended Play

F.P.   Free Presbyterian

G.P.  General Practitioner;  

H.P.  High Priest;   Horse Power

I.P.   Inspector of Police

J.P.   Justice of the Peace

K.P.  Knight of the Order of St. Patrick

L.P.   Long Playing;     l.p.  --  low pressure

M.P.  Member of Parliament;   Military Police

N.P.   Notary Public

O.P.   Out of Print

P.P.   Past Participle;    pp  -  pages

Q.P.   Question Paper

R.P.   Royal Society of Portrait Painters;   Reformed Presbyterian

S.P.   Superintendent of Police;    sp  -  spelling

T.P.   Transval  Province;     

U.P.   Uttar Pradesh

V.P.   Vice President

W.P.  Warsaw Pact

X.P.   Xerox Print



61)   Norman Family Trust Goes High-tech

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