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If an answer is known for these questions Hawking says, “Then we would know the mind of God.”   But he is not optimistic about finding why the universe exists.   Jane Hawking , the first wife of Hawking, suggests there are other ways of knowing the mind of  God besides the laws of science.   Jane was a very religious Christian lady.    It is not difficult to guess what she had in her mind.

( Would God like to reveal His secrets to mere humans ?  I wonder.  - CDN)

Bangalore: 18 December 2004

66)  American  Style  Fundamentalism

United States got hijacked by the political right wing  focussed heavily by the part played by the so called evangeliistic Christians, the multitude of  religious fundamentalists, who turned out in droves to help George W. Bush triumph over his Democratic rival John Kerry.   To some extent one is reminded of the fundamentalist Hindu tide that brought the Bharathiya Janatha Party to power in India during 1990s.    Singing psalms, waging pointless wars to conform to the world to self serving puritanical political doctrines and compelling mindless conformity to obsolete moral codes that ban gay marriages, abortions and the teachings of evolution, eventually become a burden  and a bore to a people who just want to live moderate, sensible, mildly materialistic lives, no less than the mantras and doctrinal jingoism  of strident Hindus and Jihadist Muslims.

Three types of fundamentalism have co-mingled within the embrace of the Bush administration.   These are fundamentalist religion, fundamentalist political ideology and corporate- driven free-market fundamentalism.   Most of President Bush’s key political managers and constituents are true believers in one or more of the aforesaid  fundamentalisms.    They would employ American power to compel the world “for its own good” to become a stereotyped version of the “American Way of Life”.   It is their superficiality and naivete that has lead on the mounting fiasco in Iraq.   Its outcome demonstrates  “the limits  of American power to remake the world.”   Now, ominously, they have a further four -year mandate to pursue this dubious mission.

The Christian evangelists whose preachers are America’s equivalent of the  political swamis and kar-sevaks  of the R.S.S.and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the mullahs and ayatollahs of Pakistan and the Middle East fit in well with the decaying political ideologues.   Thy supply them with a reinforcing grassroots, religio-political fervour, which afford them legitimacy and ballot box muscle.   It was among this group that Mr. Bush’s simplistic religiosity and patriotic fervour found their most resonant audience.     

America’s constitutional structure, and its less complex pluralism afford much greater scope for the imposition of fundamental scenarios.   Executive power that is entrenched for four years, coupled with Republican majorities in both legislative branches , reinforced in the grass-roots by religious fundamentalism , portend a virtually irresponsible plunge backward toward authoritarian regime.   This is bad news  not only for America but for the world.

(Taken from the article “Fundamentalism, American Style” by Harold A. Gould, a visiting scholar from the University of Virginia which appeared in The Hindu, dt. 12 Jan. 2005 )

67)  The Iraq  War  2002  -

“The America that voted for Bush (for the second term)  was the South and the non-coastal west, the America that goes to church every week, supports Iraq war and is suspicious of the United Nations.   The conservative core of America was founded by churches and companies, so it has religiosity and capitalism hardwired into its DNA.”   Thus says an article, “Why Bush Won”, in the Readers Digest of January 2005.

George Bush ventured into the Iraq war on the full conviction that he was going to destroy Saddam Hussein whom he considered Antichrist and that Iraq was the field where Armageddon  would be

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