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fought.  Bush happens to be a born-again Christian and is lead by the single track mind of evangelical Christians.   He believes in the fulfilling of Biblical prophesies through human agency by the guiding hands of God and imagines himself to be the instrument through whom God acts to eliminate Weapons of Mass Destruction and Biological Weapons supposed to have been amassed in Iraq by Saddam, though the rest of the world sees that the war was more economy oriented  than divine, with a view of gaining control over the oil and the oil rich state.

The American evangelists were busy propagating through their sermons and TV programmes covering all the nations of the world, that America was morally bound to eliminate Saddam, a cruel dictator (which he was, no doubt, having liquidated 300,000 of his own countrymen to establish his supremacy) and establish democracy in Iraq whether the people of the land opt for it or not, or whether such a system of government will suit their national ambitions.   America, according to the evangelists, is the conscience keeper and moral care-taker of the world.   Iraq is the Babylon that was in Biblical times, that must be destroyed as it is prophesied in the Bible and what America has ventured into could be the Armageddon , God’s final war to defeat the evil forces.

Iraq war is the result of American religious fundamentalism, national ambition to ensure that they remain at the top of the super powers of the world of nations, whatever be the cost to their economy, and an eye for their world wide market expansion.

Bangalore:   13 Jan. 2005                                                                                                             C.D.Norman

68)    Bro.  David  passes away

Monday, 24th January 2005, approximately 9 a.m.   Bro. David passed away at the Christian Mission Hospital, Ambur.   The life of a distinguished and lovable person of the family was extinguished for ever.   He had been falling sick now and then during the past three months of his life.   The diagnosis of his ailment was uncertain  and was delayed for some weeks.   The end came when his liver failed to function.   The funeral was in Ambur on 26th January around 2:30 p.m.

He was a deeply religious person, converted to Christianity from Hindu background, a born-again Christian with staunch faith in the Bible and Jesus.   He was also  untiring in his service to his  saviour, and he did his ministry side by side with his professional commitment as a male nurse in the state run hospital in Doha, Qatar for over thirty years

Christian evangelism and congregational prayers were not permitted by law in Qatar but Bro.

His contribution to the different congregations of Bhakt singh group of Christians both by way of monetary help and spiritual guidance as also settling minor disputes between elders of the different churches will be remembered with gratitude.    

69)    In Appreciation of  Bro. David

Bro. David was both a relative and a friend to me.   He was also my spiritual guide trying to  impress in me the spiritual meaning of the Bible.   Whenever we found ourselves together our conversation was mostly based on the Bible and about his spiritual experience.   I  often interrupted his conversation with matters of mundane matters of politics or science but soon to find him bringing me back to the spiritual track, quoting verses from memory both in English and Tamil.

He did all these with infinite patience and love for all those in touch with him.   His volume of correspondence with people whom he knew indicates his burden for the people’s spiritual welfare, happiness and health.   He was never tired of writing  letters, visiting people, sharing their happiness and sorrows, consoling people who needed to be consoled.   In spite of his age and hidden

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