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water and drainage pipes for that residence and is left untarred for easy

identification by the corporation authorities, should they want to recover

the pipe for year-end accounting.


71)   Gandhi  on Jesus

“ I could accept Jesus as a martyr, an embodiment of sacrifice and a divine teacher, but not as  the most perfect man ever born.   His death on the cross was a great example to the world, but that there  was anything like a mysterious or miraculous virtue in it , my heart could not accept.”

Bangalore:  14 February 2005                                                                           from  his “An autobiography”

72)   How  True!

Advice to girls:   If you want to drive your husbands mad,  smile in your sleep.

“Doris, what have you got in common with your husband?”   “ We both were married on the same day.”

Why do fairy tales always begin with, “Once upon a time.”?   Well, they don’t.   Some start with,  “Sorry I

Marriage is a partnership.   How ever good the man may be, the wife is always the better half.

What is the similarity between a stupid man and an intelligent man?    They both think they know everything.

What is the difference between men and pigs?   Pigs don’t turn into men when they get drunk

73)   When  Bombay Became Mumbai

When Bombay became Mumbai I felt difficult to accept the change.   But then I realised it was none of my business to question the aspirations of the local politicians and people.   Nevertheless, I wrote to the principal of Bombay Scottish School to ask if the name of the school continued to be Bombay Scottish or changed to Mumbai Scottish.   My letter was not replied to.   But then I was glad to learn later that the name continued to be Bombay Scottish.   It is neither because of my preference to anglicised names of places in India nor because of my bias against indigenous names but rather because of the logical acceptance of the facts of our history and living with it without guilt or regret.   I didn’t like one bit when Madras became Chennai.   The only advantage I could think of was that I would no more be  called a “Madarassi”, a name resented and hated by the migrant Tamils to northern states.

Bangalore:25 Jan.2005                                                                                                                                C.D.N.

74)   They Aren’t  Here  Today  

Occasionally I recall my days with my colleagues in Bombay Scottish School; the morning assembly, the classroom experience, the laboratory very efficiently maintained by Gabriel and later by David, Gaikwad and Mrs. Vincent in the office and a serious and grim looking Mr. Gamaliel watching from his not too comfortable a chair all that was happening in side the school premises.   Mrs.Hardinge, Mr.Rodriguese, Mr.Natchane, Mr. Pandit, Mr.Desai, Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. D’Silva, Miss.Irani, Mrs. and Mr. Gamaliel all those who walked through the corridors of the school and whose voices were heard ringing in the class rooms are no more today.   Some were consigned to the flames, some to the earth and one to the hungry vultures hovering over the Tower of Silence.   They all did one thing in common, they returned to the same elements from which they were created.   “Dust thou art, unto dust thou

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