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purpose was to  reform Hinduism from within.

He was a Hindu nationalist, firm in his belief that the British could be shamed into leaving India (by non-violent protests).   By willingly submitting to suffering police violence and imprisonment, he believed that Indians would make the British feel embarrassed and begin to question the rightness of their actions.

His philosophy was not accepted by every one, but because of his saintliness, his overwhelming honesty and his personal identification with the masses, he overpowered men who thought in violent terms (to gain independence).


From:-  “British India 1772 - 1947

24 March 2005                                                                                                               By Michael Edwardes

77)   Prefaces of George Bernard shaw

In the preface to his drama, “Androcles and the Lion”, George Bernard Shaw expresses his view on the Christian martyrs in the Roman Empire in the early days of Christianity as follows:-

In this play, I have presented one of the Roman persecution of the early Christian, not as a conflict of false theology with the true, but as what all such persecutions essentially are:  an attempt to suppress a propaganda that seemed to threaten the interests involved in the established law and order organised and maintained in the name of religion and justice by politicians who are pure opportunist have-and-holders.   People who are shown by their inner light the possibility of a better world based on the demand of the spirit for a nobler and more abundant life, not for themselves at the expense of others, but for everybody, are naturally dreaded and therefore hated by the haves-and holders ………………   There is no reason to believe that that there was anything more in the Roman persecutions than this

Therefore my martyrs are martyrs of all times and my persecutors the persecutors of all times.   My emperor who has no sense of the value of common people’s lives and amuse himself with killing as carelessly as sparing, is the sort of monster you can make of any silly-clever gentleman by idolizing him. …………….

In short, a Christian martyr was thrown to the lions not because he was a Christian but because he was a crank, that is, an unusual sort of person.   And multitude of people, quite as civilised and amiable as we, crowded to see the lions eat them just as they crowd the lion house in the zoo at feed time, not because they really cared two pence about Diana or Christ, or could have given you any intelligent or correct account of the things Diana or Christ stood against one another, but simply because they wanted to see a curious and exciting spectacle.   You, dear reader, have probably run to see a fire and  if somebody came in now and told you that a lion was chasing a man down the street you would rush to the window.   And if anybody were to say that you were as cruel as the people who let the lion loose on the man, you would be just indignant.


From his preface to “ BLACK  GIRL  IN  SEARCH  OF  GOD”:-

As to the Bible science, it has over the nineteenth century materialistic fashion in biology the advantage of being the science of life and not an attempt to substitute  Physics and Chemistry  for it; but it is hopelessly pre-evolutionary, its description of the origin of life and morals are obviously fairy tales;  its astronomy terra-centric;  its motion of the starry universe are childish;  its history is epic and legendary: in short, people whose education in these departments is derived from the Bible and so absurdly misinformed  as to be unfit for public employment, parental  responsibility or the franchise.   As an encyclopaedia, therefore, the Bible must be shelved with the first edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica  as a record of what man once believed and a measure of how far have they left their obsolete beliefs behind

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