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During those dreadful days when they were defending the garrison against the mutineers, George was decapitated by an enemy round-shot in the presence of his mother.   That was just a week before the evacuation.

A large number of boats were kept ready in the Ganges at Cathichura Ghat in Cawnpore for the ‘safe’ conduct of the Europeans to Allahabad.   Gen. Wheeler was brought in a palanquin which was taken a few steps down the ghat and was asked to alight.   When the general asked them to take him a little distance further down the ghat they refused  to oblige.   Gen. Wheeler put his head out of the palanquin prior to alighting when one of the soldiers standing near by struck him with a sword severing his head.   His body was thrown into the river.   In the meanwhile Janaki and Emily were also killed  by the mutineers and thrown into the river.   Nana Sahib later declared that he was not aware of the massacre at the ghat and that he was innocent of what happened there.  

Eliza was abducted and carried away by a muslim sepoy Nizam Ali Khan who converted her to Islam and maried her.   He treated her with utmost cruelty.   One day when the sepoy was fast asleep she dropped a heavy stone on his head and killed him in despair. Later on she was rescued by Nana Sahib who married her and kept her moving along with him wherever he went hiding from the British troops.   Finally they reached the Theri forest in the borders of Nepal where they remained in hiding from the British but under the political asylum of the Rana of Nepal until their natural death.

But Manohar Malgonkar in his “The Devil’s Wind” says that Nana Sahib and Eliza managed to escape to Constantinople, after the mutiny was suppressed, and spent the rest of their lives there in comfort and ease.

Thus ends the sad story of Major.General. Sir. Hugh Wheeler and his family.

 But he doesn’t seem to be the Wheeler of the Wheeler Road in Bangalore.

86)   How  Wheeler Road  Got  Its Name

I came across another Wheeler who was in Bangalore itself  from a reference to him in the “ History of St. John’s Church” .   It read:-

…………………… During the period of Rev .Henry Hope  (l883 - l884) General John Wheeler Cleveland, after whom Cleveland Town, Wheeler Road and the pavilion at Richard’s Park were named died and was buried at Kalpally Cemetery.   The inscription on the general’s tomb reads as follows:-

 John  Wheeler  Cleveland, senior general in Her Majesty’s India Army

 Who after a service of 75 years during which he took part in the First

 Burma War and afterwards held the highest command in Madras

 Presidency died at Bangalore on 1 November 1883 in his 92 year


So it stands to reason that Wheeler Rd. was not only named after Gen. John wheeler Cleveland but also that the road existed in Bangalore Cantonment as far back as 1883

87)   Christians of Cawnpore - An Easy Target  (Sepoy Mutiny of 1857)

As in Delhi, the Christians of Kanpur had become a legitimate target.   To have killed a black Christian was almost patriotic as to kill a white man, and it involved so little risk.   The white man shot

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