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8)      Part of the network of corruption lies in selecting the corrupt official to run a department, to support the corrupt minister who carries on a corrupt administration.  

9)      Trade in job posting with bureaucrats, engineers, educators, policeman, doctors and others for ‘wet’ postings by payment of large sums of money  (every April - May Vidana Soudha is rife with news of money passing hands from ministers down to the lowest of the hierarchy of bureaucracy  for favour of postings to lucrative stations - C.D.N. )

This is the summary of facts described at length by Trevor Fishlock in “India File”.

89)   To  Rajita

In your mail dated 22nd. Nov. You had asked, “What is Martini?”   That question lead me to a minor research.   The following is the report:-

Problem: What is Martini?

Reference:1)  Chamber’s 20th Century Dictionary

2)   Readers Digest Universal Dictionary

Martini:1)   A cocktail consisting of three parts of gin, one part of vermouth and

                                                          a dash of   bitter

2)   A mild alcoholic drink taken as appetiser before lunch or dinner

3)   Commercial name of an Italian wine

Cocktail:A  concoction of spirituous liquor used as appetiser

Gin:A spirit distilled from grains or malt flavoured with aromatic substances

Vermouth Any or several white wines served sweet or dry, flavoured with

                                                         aromatic herbs

and  spices used chiefly as ingredient in cocktails.

Wine:Fermented juice of grapes and other fruits

Bitter:  A sharp tasting beer made with hops

Hops:A twining vine, the female flower of which gives a bitter aromatic oil

                                                        used  in flavouring beer.

Alcohol Content:Very low compared to hard drinks

Physiological Effect:In small quantities taken occasionally has practically no ill effect

                                  It is washed down the alimentary canal, blood stream, kidneys,  

                                                         ureter,bladder, urithra and out

Sociological Effect:  1)   In social parties, ladies feel happy and elated to mix with men showing off their wine cups

2)   In high societies nobody bats an eye seeing ladies swallowing alcoholic drinks

3)   In cultural societies wine-sipping ladies are accepted with grace

4)   In less forward Indian societies this habit is not in favour

5)   In highly spiritual societies consuming wine is looked upon with

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