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repugnance and horror

St. Paul’s Views 1)   Romans 14: 21   It is good neither to eat meat nor drink wine nor do

anything  by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak

( i.e. spiritually )

2)   I Timothy 5: 23  No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for

your stomach’s sake and your frequent infirmities.

Summing up:An occasional sip of Martini does no harm to the individual or the society

But habitual indulgence may

Recommendation:If it offends ones elders it is better one doesn’t drink or even indulge in

an occasional Martini

………………….. yours affectionately, Periappa from Bangalore:    27 November , 2001

90)    Fanatical  and  Violent  Christian  Cults

Ever since the second coming of Christ was considered the central hope of Christian faith, Armageddon believed to be the final battle on the earth defeating Satan and his forces and the prophesy of the events towards the end of this world are considered literally true and believed, there has been many different and often mistaken notions prevailing among the people at different times.   Some questioned the time of these future events; some others misrepresented and mislead people into exclusive cults ending in hardships and tragedies.   There has been many false alarms about the return of Jesus to the earth which lead people into wilderness and isolated places to spend days on end anticipating to hear the sound of the trumpets and to see the angels appear in all glory in the sky.   Such adventures ended in disappointment and uncalled for miseries.

People had also been mislead into becoming loyal members of cults captained by pseudo-charismatic characters who proclaimed themselves as messengers of God entrusted with the knowledge of the time of the coming of the Lord.   The gullible members of the cult ended up in confusion, disappointment,  and self-destruction.   I am quoting here the activities of a few cults which were given wide publicity through news media.

The Hindu dated 23 April 1993 published the tragic adventure of David Koresh under the caption “Cult leader perishes with 80 followers”   David Korash claimed he was the incarnation of Jesus and in personal contact with God.   He had collected all his followers into a heavily armed compound where, he said, they would meet the last battle before the world came to an end, the battle of Armageddon.   Inside the compound more than 80 of his followers along with him committed suicide by setting themselves ablaze into a funeral pyre.

Koresh claimed holiness and he knew how to tug at the heart strings of people and commanded total obedience and unquestioned loyalty.   He had promised his followers to take them to heaven if they died with him.

This David Korash stayed in a house with 27 women, all of whom his wives, some as young as 12.   At the headquarters he would separate the men and sleep with their wives.   His followers did not object because they believed he was God or God’s son.

One may be interested to know that this tragic event  took place in April, 1993 at  WACO, a small town in Texas, United State of America, an enlightened  country!


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