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Times of India dated 20 March 2000 reported:  “500 die in Ugandan cult mass suicide”

This happened in Kanugu, 320 km from the capital Kampala in the south west corner of Uganda, the country made famous by Idi Amin.

Sect leader Joseph Kibweteere’s and his men and women believers were mostly from Roman Catholic background who sold all their belongings, donned white, green and black robes and brought their children into the church of “Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God”.

With the doors locked and windows boarded and nailed shut, on a Friday morning, they sang and chanted for several hours, doused themselves with fuel and set the church on fire along with them.

This extremist Christian sect, one of several Doomsday cults had sprung up in Uganda and had been in operation since 1990.    Joseph Kibweteere  and two excommunicated catholic priests taught that the world will come to an end in 2000.   They left the church before the fire and have not been traced since.


In September 200 the police in central Uganda disbanded another Doomsday cult, the “ World Message Last Warning”.   An extreme and violent Christian cult , the “Hole Spirit Movement” in north Uganda sprang up in 1980s.    Its successor, the “Lord’s Resistance Army” claims it want to rule the country on the basis of the Ten Commandments.   Yet it has kidnapped thousands of boys and girls to serve as soldiers and slaves and frequently commit atrocities against the local people.


Self proclaimed messiah, Jim Jones, leader of “People’s Temple” in San Francisco in California lead his loyal followers to Guyana in South America  on November 18, 1978.   Jim Jones made all the people in his community to drink cyanide laced with punch.   That day 913 people died, of them 276 children.


91)   Creation, I  and Evolution

It is difficult to accept  the story of creation as described in the Book of Genesis because this story appears more mythological than real.   This is a daring statement to make and very unbecoming of a Christian.   Nevertheless, it doesn’t sound reasonable and convincing to analytical minds that approximately four thousand years before Christ , Adam who was created out of a fistful of earth and Eve out of a piece of bone were the first humans , original parents from whom the entire homo sapiens came into being.   But ultimately it is “faith” and acceptance without questioning that matters, say the evangelists and leaders of the church.   The crux of the matter is the         uncompromising pull in two opposite directions between faith and rational thinking.   Either one accepts it as whole truth or reject it as an imaginative story, one among many stories of creation prevalent among peoples of different religions and tribes living all over the world.

If creation appears mythological, the Theory of Evolution   is not entirely fool-proof either.   In its broad aspect, evolution of organic life appears reasonable and even possible, supported by the study of fossils, development of foetus, gradual modifications in physical appearance as adaptations to the changes in the environment  through ages and many more related fields of study.   If one goes deeper into the complexity of organisation and functioning of even a single bacterium or an amoeba, it baffles the mind, even given millions of years to evolve.    A single cell in any organism is a complex individual by itself synchronising its function with other cells in the same organism performing different functions.   The amount of information stored in the DNA in a cell is beyond  the comprehension of any research scientist.  Did the DNA evolve by itself or was it created by God with all its preset programmes in it?   Hard to decide.

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