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These are observations of Allen and Barbara Pease in their book,  “Why Men Lie & Women Cry”.

They have been studying men-women relationship, the gulf between sexes and the conflict between men and women for thirty years before they came out with this book.

If a woman slaps a man’s face in public, everyone assumes he’s in the wrong.

Women evolved as child bearers and nest defenders and as a result , female brains became hardwired for nurture, nourish, love and care for people in their lives.   Men were hunters, chasers, protectors, providers and problem solvers.   Male and female brains are hardwired for different functions.

                               A woman need to know but one man well to understand all men; whereas a man may know all women and not understand one of them.

Why do women talk so much?   Women evolved in a group situation with other women and children all staying close to the caves.   Their close relationship was paramount to each woman’s survival.   Men evolved silently; sitting on a hill, searching for a moving target.    When males were hunting or fishing no one talked for fear of startling the prey.   Women do not need a reason to talk and don’t need an end goal.   Two women can spend the whole day together and then easily talk for another hour on the telephone.

                             Studies show that married men live longer than unmarried men.   But some men say it just feels so.

Three wise men who came to see Jesus in Bethlehem were guided by the star shining in the East..   They arrived at the stable where Jesus was born about two months late.   Of what use were the three gifts they brought to the baby?   Gold, frankincense ( a resin used for fumigation ) and myrrh ( a strong smelling plant oil used for embalming the dead )?

If they had been three wise women they would have asked for directions, arrived on time to deliver the baby and brought gifts like nappies, bottles, toys and a bouquet of flowers.   They would have then put the animals outside, cleaned the stable, made a casserole, stayed in touch by mail and there would be peace on earth for ever more.

Why does it take four million sperms to find and fertilise one egg?   Not one wants to ask   for   directions.

We always hold hands:  If I let go, she goes shopping

It is good to be a man because you don’t have to leave the room to adjust your pants

A woman’s brain can decode words, tones of voice change and body signals - which is known as woman’s intuition.    A woman can even read the emotions of animals.   She can tell you if a dog is happy , sad , angry or embarrassed.   The goal of the hunting male had always been to accurately hit his target, not talk to it, council it or try to understand it.

Women are very good in remembering  what lies they told and who they told it to while men usually forget their lies.   The part of women’s brain used for memory storage retrieval and language  grow more quickly in girls than in boys, giving women superior memory recall on emotionally charged issues.

Don’t waste your time telling lies to a woman face to face. Call her on the telephone or send her an e-mail.   Not only do women have superior ability to uncover lies, they have the ability to remember them as ammunition for future argument!

Bangalore:   21 April  2005   

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