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If you have understood what I have tried to say, you will see me, when you see me next, as a halo of energy waves swarming around, rather than a solid  flesh and bone structure.That is if you can see energy waves interacting with each other!

15)  Selfless plants

We have a small strip of a garden and a few potted plants.   There are roses, cannas, chrysanthemum, thunder lily, Easter lily, Ooty balsam, geranium, mayirmanikkam, cosmos and button roses - one or two plants of each. They bloom in their season, most of them flowering during late monsoon and in winter.It is nice to see the red, white, yellow, orange, pink and purple flowers fresh and smiling in the mornings.One is fascinated by the different size, shape, colour, texture and fragrance of these flowers, which blossom following a timetable set in their DNA.   But does the plant itself enjoy the beauty of its own flowers? Is it conscious that it is the mother of a bunch of colourful, fragrant flowers? Does the plant mourn when the flowers die in the evening and wither away after a brief period of bright smile? And why does a fruit tree bear a large number of juicy fruits without tasting even one of them?  A selfless offering to other lives: nectar and pollen to the bees, nuts to the squirrels, fruits to marauding bats and thieving monkeys.  And of course, for the pleasure of the humans too.  Interesting, isn’t it?

16)  Did You Know

1)   that Afzal Khan, the General of the Adil Shah Dynasty of Bijapur killed 63 of his 64 wives to save them from falling into he hands of his enemies (1659 A.D.). Before starting his campaign against Shivaji, he had sixty-four graves dug and drowned his wives one by one in an open well with his own hands and buried them.   (one of the wives escaped and her grave lies empty.)

2)   that much before the Kalinga war, emperor Ashoka killed his one hundred brothers and dumped their bodies into a large well near a temple at Agamkuan, Bihar.

3)   that the holy office of the Inquisition, an arm of the Catholic Church, used a forged document of which Galileo had no knowledge, to bring him to trial and convicted him to house imprisonment for life (1633 A.D.) .  

4)  that the god Juggernaut of Puri is served by 6000 servants divided into 36 groups with different responsibilities who clean his teeth, wash him, dress him cook for him and feed him.

5)   that the houses of early Christians of Nagalapuram, in 1860s were stoned by jealous caste Hindu Nadar neighbours, as a protest against their conversion.

6)   that in Thirumalai Nayak’s days in Madurai, one could buy a whole goat for a value equivalent to 4 annas of 1930s.

7)   that William Tyndale, an English priest, was persecuted , stripped of his priesthood, strangled and burnt at the stake for translating the Bible into English from Greek and Hebrew, in 1536 A.D.

8)   that during the three years and nine months’ reign of Queen Mary of England ,227 men and 56 women were burnt at the stake for heresy , that is, for protesting against the Pope and the Catholic Church.

9)   that the cult leader David Kuresh and more than 90 of his followers committed mass suicide in Waco, Texas, USA in an apocalyptic inferno in 1993 A.D. Kuresh claimed that he was the incarnation of Jesus and in personal touch with God.

10)  that more than 650 men, women and children committed mass suicide by setting fire to themselves at Kanungu, Uganda in March 2000. They were of Uganda Doomsday Cult, mostly formed from Roman Catholics. The cult leader Joseph Kibwetere, and two excommunicated priests, taught that the world would end in 2000 A.D.  Joseph escaped from the police and was not traced.

11)  that the main cause for the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 was the suspicion and fear that the British were trying to break castes and force the sepoys into Christianity.Greased cartridges were not the primary cause.  

12)  that the last Nizam of Hyderabad had an estimated £ 100 millions of gold bullions and £400 millions in jewels. His annual income during 1930s was £ 2 millions. During his old age he was living on 7s 6p a week; he knitted his own socks; lived on rice and lentils; bargained with stall holders over the price of soft drinks; rationed biscuits , one each ,to his guests at tea and smoked cheap Charminar cigarettes.

13)  that the grandfather of Rani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, Maharaja of Cooch Behar and a hunting enthusiast ,bagged during a period of 37 years:- 365 tigers, 438 buffaloes, 207 rhinoceroses, 311 leopards, 318 antelopes, 259 sambars, 133 bears and 43  bisons.   ( When did he have time to have children, I wonder. )

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