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more than the entire population of the city of Bangalore.   But the Bangalore police estimated the total attendance all the three days to be around two and a half millions.   Bangalore police had to file an affidavit with the Karnaraka High Court on the conduct of Benny Hinn’s crusades.   Why this vast difference in the two estimates?   If Benny Hinn’s team had gone wrong in their estimate in Bangalore it is likely that the went wrong at other place too.   But then why the emphasis on the number?   

The central theme of almost all prosperity oriented evangelists are ;miracle cure of diseases, solving of domestic troubles, settling monetary problems, childless couples to be blessed with babies, long unmarried boys and girls to find their spouses soon, recovery from deep debts in business and the like.    People do claim total relief from their troubles as a result of the prayers by these evangelists and go on the stage to witness what God had done for them.   Interviews are arranged which are well rehearsed before hand and video-graphed for telecasts later.   Even telephone interviews are arranged for the convenience of those who live far away.   These witnesses are mainly aimed at believers to strengthen their belief further and at the sceptics to convince them of the miracles

No doubt these servants of God are prayerful men and  women.   They claim direct communication and interaction with God through incessant and continuous prayers in their personal lives.   Some of them claim that God spoke to them in audio voice or ‘appeared’ before them in all glory like brilliant light etc.   One of them said in his broadcast that Jesus appeared before him while praying for a lady in bed in a hospital in Singapore and spoke to him.   I sent him an e-mail asking him if Jesus resembled the pictures of Jesus which we normally assume to be his physical appearance and displayed in our homes, in what dress was he attired, was it all white or coloured, in what language He spoke to him.  My enquiry may appear sacrilegious and impertinent to many but, no, it was my curiosity to know in more detail about his vision.   It was an honest enquiry.   He did not reply.   I had a feeling he wouldn’t   

Preachers like Benny Hinn, Dinakaran (sr) and (jr) and many others, while praying in general for the sick, casually call the  names of the sick and the suffering, among the congregations gathered before them and sometimes names of persons even far away from the meetings.   It is claimed that these names are revealed to them by the Holy Spirit   Techniques of TV help them later to coordinate the earlier events of calling the names, followed by the interviews with the persons called, add the witness of miracles that had  happened to them and telecast the visuals with dramatic effect in the minds of their TV audience.  

Faith healings and miracles were only a part of the ministry of Christ during His life on this earth.   The basic requirement of Christian faith is saving of human souls through their declaration of faith in Christ as Son of God and the acceptance of the shedding of His blood for the redemption of man from Adamic sin.   Jesus had to resort to parables and miracles in order to attract the attention of the ordinary Israelites who were mostly illiterate and to bring them to the path of salvation through faith.   His divine healings, restoring the sight to the blind, raising the dead back to life depended upon peoples’ declaration of their  faith in his divinity and confession of their faith that Jesus could do what looked impossible for others.   Unquestioned faith and commitment were prerequisites to healing and other miracles.

Jesus, being divine, could undo partly, instantaneously and briefly his own laws of nature, like raising Lazarus four days after he was buried., commanding storms to stop blowing or turning water in to wine.   In the case of Lazarus there was an absolute reversal of chemical decomposition, reviving the property called life and restoring all biological  functions of the resurrected physical body.   Ordering the ceasing of a storm instantaneously by rebuking it involves the sudden stopping of an enormous force being conveyed by the wind and reducing the force to nothing, goes against the law of conservation of energy.    When water was converted to wine, simple molecules of water H2 O changed to complex molecules of a large number of organic chemical constituents of wine as though by mutation of atoms which was against all known laws of chemistry.   Jesus could do them because He was God himself (son of God ) , the creator, modifier, destroyer and re-maker of laws of nature.   With all that He was humble after each healing.   “Do not tell others about this”,  “Go to the temple and make the sacrifices demanded of the cure and the cleansing of leprosy”.  And that was all.   It was the people who spoke of all His miracles and spread the

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