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It is difficult to understand the behaviour of most German protestants in the first Nazi years unless one is aware of two things:  their history and the influence of  MARTIN  LUTHER.   The great founder of Protestantism was both a passionate anti-Semite and a ferocious believer in absolute obedience to political authority.  He wanted Germany rid of the Jews ….. and advised they be deprived of ‘all their cash and jewels and silver and gold’ and further more that ‘their synagogues or schools be set on fire, that their houses be broken up and destroyed…….and they be put under a roof or a stable, like the gypsies ….. in misery and captivity as they incessantly lament and complain to God about us” - advice that was literally followed four centuries later by Hitler, Goering and Himmler.

The Nazi regime intended eventually to destroy Christianity in Germany, if it could, and sustitute the old paganism of the early tribal German gods. …… (Hitler) set out a thirty-point programme for the “National Reich Church”.   A few of the thirty articles are given below:-

1)   The National Reich Church claims the exclusive right and power to control all churches within the border of the Reich    5)   The National Church is determined to exterminate irrevocably … the strange and foreign Christian faiths imported into Germany in the ill-omened year of 800A.D.   7)   The National Church has no scribes, pastors chaplains or priests, but  national Reich Orators are to speak in them.   13)  The National Church demands the immediate cessation of the publishing and dissemination of the Bible in Germany.   14)   The National Church declares ….. that the Fuehrer’s  MEIN KAMPF is the greatest of all documents ……. It embodies the purest and truest ethics for the present and future life of our nation.   18)   The National Church will clear away from its altars all crucifixes, Bibles and pictures of saints.   19)   On the altar there must be  nothing else but MEIN KAMPF (the most sacred book) and to the left of the alter a sword.   30)…….The Christian crosses must be removed from all churches, cathedrals and chapels ….. and it musts be superseded by the only unconquerable symbol, the Swastika.

Bangalore:  12 May 2005                  From: “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich” By  William Shirer

98)   Viji’s  Doubt

Viji has an enquiring mind that goes with her research scholarship.   She is one among the very few in our families who are capable of analytical thinking and rational understanding which is the result of her scientific training.   When in doubt she presents her question in a subtle way, very refined, taking care not to offend, especially when the enquiry is about ones personal standing in  , say, religion.   I gave her an opportunity to stir her mind by my article “ TV Evangelism and Evangelists”.    Yes, she may be right when she concludes, “Whatever the preachers do, I feel that having those messages in your room helps you get up spiritually.”

Jewish religion, Islam and Christianity are the three Semitic religions which are prone to fundamentalism. Jews, the chosen people of God are introverts, Islam militant and aggressive and Christians spiritual and dogmatic.   Basically none of them tolerate submission to reason because they believe they are revealed religions, revealed from above and cannot be questioned by human reason.   If one accepts that, well, that’s it.   That is the end of all arguments.

But some do ask questions out of curiosity,  due to lack of understanding or to clear genuine doubts arising out of conflict between scientific knowledge  and  Biblical assertions.   Among the Christians, those who entertain any doubt or raise questions are collectively dumped as ‘unbelievers’ who will not  to go to heaven and if it comes to the worst they will burn eternally in hell.

To me most of the Old Testament are irrelevant to Christianity.   The life and works of Jesus, his teachings, his death and resurrection are the only basic and fundamental truths of Christian faith.  

Bangalore:  13 May 2005                                                   C.D.N

99)   Beautiful  Oneliners

1)   Give  God what is right - not what is left

2)    Man’s ways lead to hopeless end  --  God’s ways lead to endless hope

3)    A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing

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