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14)  that Tipu Sultan, angered  at the suspicion that the Christians of Mangalore supported the English during the Mysore Wars, in 1784, captured 40,000 of them and marched them to Seringapatam and Chitaldurg ,and converted most of them to Islam.

15)  that a traditional belief goes that King Kanishka when he became old and very ill, they covered him with a quilt and one of them sat on him and choked him to death - a very undignified death for a great emperor.

16)  that Mozart, the great composer of music died in poverty and of consumption at the age of 35.

17)  that the debate in Indian Parliament to abolish English as the official language of India was conducted in English.

18)  that a native Indian tribe of North America was persuaded to sell 2 million acres of land for $ 150,000 in 1851.

19)  In the 16th century, the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors who explored South America brought with them firearms, disease and Christian doctrines: the firearms to discourage  the natives from defending themselves; small pox. Measles, syphilis, and common cold (not previously known in South America) killed whole families decimating the tribes;  Christianity often destroyed their native culture.

20)  that three locomotives “Sultan”’ “Sahib” and “Sind”, together hauled the first train in India from Boribundar to Thane, a distance of 21 miles on April 16, 1853 .   

17)   Intelligent  Design

The following is my reply to one, Sophia Suresh, an Indian resident in the United States, a fanatic Christian, who sent me an e-mail “Intelligent Design”, and asked me to use my brain to understand and accept Jesus as my personal Saviour and challenged me, “If I die today I will go to Jesus; are you sure where you will go?”

"Intelligent Design" offers an interesting reading though not convincing.  Analogies do not prove anything.   Explosion in a watch-making factory and the Big Bang of astronomical theory are two dissimilar events.   That the Universe was born out of the explosion of a point (singularity) smaller than a pin head is neither an ambiguous theory nor did it come from false scientists.   The phrase 'false scientists' is a contradiction in terms.   If one is false one is not a scientist and if one is a scientist one is not false.

       Men's effort in search for knowledge of the Universe and his own environment started from the primitive man:  Adam, if  you like, had his desire to know the taste of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.   This desire grew gradually with more experience.  Human intelligence and ability to organize the accumulated facts helped him to draw conclusions from them. Every civilization from the Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Indian, Chinese .... have contributed to the accumulation of knowledge in Astronomy, Agriculture, Medicine and many more branches of science.  It is also true that as more and more information was gathered and made available for close study, the earlier theories have either been modified, corrected or discarded, to give place to the new.   Which is just as it should be.

       There has been a phenomenal growth in every branch of science, starting from the Greek Philosophers and mathematicians, Roman engineers and European theorists and thinkers like Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton and others, who genuinely involved themselves in their search for knowledge for truth as they understood it.  And hence they paved the way for modern Astronomy.  Also men like Einstein and a host of other atomic and astrophysicists did the same. None of them can be considered false scientist.

       Big Bang theory is not an end in itself.   It has brought to the forefront many questions than it is supposed to solve. The Big Bang is supposed to have occurred some 25 billion years ago.  What was there before the Big Bang?  NOTHING!  Not even void, or chaos or even nothing!   Einstein theorised that time, space and energy started at the same instant as the Big Bang. There was nothing before that event, a concept difficult to understand or accept as wholesome. That does not mean Einstein was a hoax. Theories keep coming, refining and renewing themselves and replacing earlier ones.

       Similar situations arise in religion too.  In the beginning was the WORD: (John 1:1)   If there had been a beginning there must have existed a pre-beginning.   What was it?   Where was it?   When was it?   If God

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