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existed through eternity, who created eternity?  Who created God Himself?  these are questions difficult to answer.  Nor can they be dismissed as irrelevant.

       It is claimed by you  that the Sun was created by God and placed  on purpose, at the exact distance from the earth to support life on the planet.   The view of science is not very different .   While the planets of the solar system were evolving, the planet Earth happened to be at such a distance from the Sun and of such  mass and material, all conducive to the origin of life and its evolution to more complex and developed forms. The other eight planets of the solar system do not and cannot support life because of their distance form the Sun and their varying physical and chemical conditions are  not suitable for life as we know it on our planet. While God created the Earth at the right position from the Sun as a living place for man, why were the other eight planets created at different distances as dilapidated waste? - at least up to the present moment. Those planets have been in existence for the past 4.5 billon years, the same age as the earth.

       "It takes an intelligent Creator to control and rule the rushing stars", you say.  But it also takes a more intelligent being to frame all the physical laws of nature and let the Universe obey those laws with mathematical precision. Nature does exactly this but occasionally deviates from the law of conservation of mass-energy when momentarily matter appears spontaneously out of nowhere and disappears instantaneously. This phenomenon is being studied by particle physicists.

       The combined effort of thousands of thinkers, mathematicians and scientists cannot be swept aside as frivolous or foolish because what they do is just to reveal piece by piece what God has ordained as physical laws of the Universe.  They do not create new laws or try to enforce them on nature. The wisdom of the world may be foolishness to God but not knowledge acquired by honest effort of dedicated scientists who probe into nature.

       The revelation of truth and wonders of the Universe have driven many scientists to religion as much as rigidity of religion has pushed many to science or near agnosticism. Perhaps what we need is a healthy fusion of science and religion as George Bernard Shaw said, "A scientific religion and a religious science."

18)    Evangeline Booth of Salvation army says:   Drink has drained more blood,

                                                                                  Hung more crepe,

                                                                                  Sold more houses,

                                                                                  Plunged more people in bankruptcy,

                                                                                  Armed more villains,

                                                                                  Slain more children,

                                                                                  Snapped more wedding rings,

                                                                                  Defied more innocence,

                                                                                  Blinded more eyes,

                                                                                  Twisted more limbs,

                                                                                  Dethroned more reason,

                                                                                  Wrecked more manhood,

                                                                                  Dishonoured more womanhood

                                                                                  Broken more hearts,

                                                                                  Blasted more lives,

                                                                                  Driven more to suicide and

                                                                                  Dug more graves than any other poisoned scourge

                                                                                  That ever swept in its death-dealing waves across the


19)    I Am Aging

         I feel I am aging slowly.   My activities, to some extent, keep the rate of deterioration of both my physical  and mental faculties within reasonable limits.   I take regular morning walks for about forty minutes.   I tried for some weeks cutting off the dinner and substituting it with a cup of milk and a banana.   My paunch got reduced a bit, but Subhashini advised me to forget about skipping regular meals.   It was O.K. she said, for Vinoba Bhave to cut off his food to pave his way for his samadhi, but not for a daddy whose heart, she said, should be kept ticking as long as it lasts in its natural course.   So now I eat full

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