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Read the next part of Dewayne’s rough draft and use it to answer questions 15–19. This section has groups of underlined words. The questions ask about these groups of underlined words.

Student Voices

(27)“The Summer Student Exchange Program is a fabulous experience! (28)I learned more Spanish in my four weeks in Mexico than in a semester of classroom work. (29)It is an appropriate program for students who enjoy foreign language studies. (30)I still exchange letters with my host family whom I grew to know well. (31)I will never forget their great food, warm laughter, and hospitality. (32)We had an unforgettable weekend, trip to a beach resort!” (J.K. — Summer ’03)

  • (33)

    “Do you think the Summer Student Exchange Program would be too expensive?

  • (34)

    I did too, until I applied for a scholarship from the Chamber of Commerce.

  • (35)

    If you qualify: they can help make your dream of foreign travel a reality!

  • (36)

    College admissions officers were impressed that I had been part of the program.

  • (37)

    It changed my life; can you imagine what it could mean to you?”

    • (K.

      G. — Summer ’02)

Summer Student Exchange Program Scholarships Available From:

  • (38)

    Lions Club

  • (39)

    Rotary International

  • (40)

    Chamber of Commerce

  • (41)

    Westridge Community Grant Foundation

A Prestigious Program for College Applications and Résumés

(42)This program is so much more than a “résumé stuffer.” (43)Your participation in this challenging experience will impress colleges, universities, and future employers. (44)Participation in the Summer Student Exchange Program fosters flexibility, independence, and you will grow up a lot.

(45)Apply today by calling 1-888-334-6639 for more information. (46)Your school counselors and foreign language teachers can also give us information about the program and put you in contact with former participants. (47)If you don’t already have plans for your summer, this program is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures.


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