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“I think I’ll run for class president,” my friend Tony Donato announced. “Want to be my campaign manager, Max?”

“Sure!” I said. Tony was handsome and popular. Getting him elected would be a snap. With just a minimum of campaigning, the presidency could be his.

“Do you know who your competition is?” I asked. “I heard Lorna Sadler is running,” Tony said. “I won’t have any trouble beating her.” Lorna was a quiet girl who was in the French Club and on the math team. Neither of us knew her very well.

To my surprise, one day after school Lorna approached me. She said, “I know you’re Tony’s campaign manager, but you should come to work for me instead. Tony’s a great guy, but he won’t make a good class president. I will. I’ve been the president of the French Club for two years now, and under my leadership, both enrollment and income have increased.” She went on talking, but my mind was reeling too much. For me to pay attention. Finally, I interrupted her.

“There’s no way I’ll work on your campaign. Tony is my friend; I won’t leave him in the lurch,” I said.

She smiled. “Well, of course, you have to be true to yourself. Let me know if you should change your mind.”

I couldn’t wait to find Tony and tell him that Lorna wouldn’t be as easy to beat as we first thought. If he didn’t start working on what he was going to say, Lorna might succeed in making him look silly in front of the whole school. When I told him my concerns, he just laughed.


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