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Here is the first part of Marty’s draft. Use it to answer questions 2-5.

(1)My friend Christy is a great example of how one person with determination can make her vision a reality. (2)Christy loves to ride bikes. (3)She does not just ride along city streets, though. (4)She is passionate about tough trail rides. (5)Because Christy had to travel outside the city to locate formidable bike trails, she decided to do something.

(6)Christy knew that Roosevelt Park had a creek. (7)Twelve miles of land around the creek were seldom used. (8)Christy decided to get together with other trail riders to ask the city council to approve a bike path along the unused land.

  • (9)

    Christy developed a petition for people who wanted to create the trail.

  • (10)

    She and other riders asked all of their biking friends if they would sign the list.

  • (11)

    They gathered three hundred signatures. (12)Christy and a few other riders

went before the city council with their petition. (13)Surprisingly, residents of all ages also showed up to support the new bike trail. (14)The city council evaluated the request and, more importantly, agreed to allow the bike trail.

(15)The trail riders joined with several local bike shops, a local construction company, and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department was joined by the trail riders. (16)The project, like, needed teamwork, you know, and some getting-it- together. (17)These groups began planning and then building the trail. (18)The bike path was evolving from an idea into a community asset.


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