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October 2004 Volume 13, Issue 2

Medicel Switches to DuPontTyvek® Medical Packaging for its Innovative, Single-Use Cataract Surgery Products

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successful injection of all IOL lens styles and designs. Over the past five years, we have developed what is considered by surgeons who use our lens injection systems the safest and most reliable instruments and injection cartridges available in the world today,said Emil Hohl, managing director of Medicel. With more than 1,500,000 lenses successfully and safely implanted, we are considered the leaders in our area of expertise and design,he noted.

Because conventional lens injection systems were not k e e p i n g p a c e w i t h t h e h i g h l e v e l o f t e c h n o l o g y i n t o d a y surgical environment, Medicel introduced the ViscoJectlens injection system, which enables surgeons to inject an IOL into the eye through an incision that is less than 2 mm without damage to the lens or any intraocular tissues. Due to the sophisticated hydraulic effect of the ViscoJectinjection system, lens insertion is more accurate, gentler and safer to ocular tissues than conventional injection systems. Surgeons now have complete control throughout the entire lens injection process, and problems associated with conventional lens injection systems such as scratches on the lens, haptic tears and uncontrolled escape of the lens are now a thing of the past. Even with optical diameters of up to 6.5 mm, ViscoJectenables surgeons to use incisions that are approximately one-third the size previously required. s

which not only disturbed the rhythm of the procedure, but more importantly, created linting in the sterile field.

To meet the increased productivity demands, Artusi recommended the use of his companys MRP (MEDIPACK Rapid Packaging) System. This system, developed by MEDIPACK in 1999, packs components into multiple blisters, seals with a single lid and then separates the blisters into individual packages using a punching machine. Unlike traditional blister packaging processes that use pre- stamped blisters and manual sealing machines, MRP is faster (by a factor of 5 to 10), less expensive and delivers a more appealing package appearance.

MRP provided the solution to achieve increased productivity. The next step was to select packaging materials. Based on performance data, Medicel decided that a thermoformed tray of polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) with a lid of DuPontTyvek® medical packaging was the ideal packaging for its innovative ViscoJectsystem.

Initially, we evaluated coated medical paper, but there were many problems during sealing and punching,said Artusi. So, we tried coated Tyvek® and it worked perfectly.Perfecseal, a sterile packaging manufacturer, coats the Tyvek® at their facility in Londonderry, UK.

When introduced in 2003, ViscoJect was manually packaged in medical-grade paper pouches. However, based on the need for increased productivity and higher quality to better meet the needs of ophthalmic surgeons, Medicel soon decided to investigate alternative packaging. With help from MEDIPACK AG, a leading medical packaging company based in Switzerland, Medicel explored different configurations and evaluated various packaging materials.

Referring to the information gleaned from the voice of the customer, Hohl noted, In addition to working more efficiently with the MRP system, Tyvek® better met the surgeonsdemands for clean peel, good presentation and uncompromised microbial barrier.

Since January 2004, the ViscoJectSystem has been sold in the new packaging. Weve received a lot of very positive comments from our customers about the upgraded design and improved materials used in our packaging,said Hohl. Many have remarked that the packaging better meets their needs and looks much more professional. Tyvek® is a major reason for this,concluded Hohl.

By obtaining the voice of the customer, in this case the ophthalmic surgery community, we learned that the most important features of the packaging are: a clean peel, good presentation of the device and sterility assurance,explained Reto Artusi, CEO of MEDIPACK. We also learned that the paper pouches were frequently tearing when opened,

F o l l o w i n g t h e s u c c e s s o f V i s c o J e c t and as part of its continued commitment to the development of innovative products for safe and successful ophthalmic surgery, Medicel introduced the FIRST LINEdisposable range of instruments in mid-2003. ,

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