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October 2004 Volume 13, Issue 2

Cocoon Wrapping Helps Protect DuPontTyvek® in Transit

Traditionally, DuPontTyvek® medical packaging styles 1073B and 1059B have been wrapped with a cardboard header before being shipped from our manufacturing facility in Richmond, Va. DuPontTyvek® 2FS, on the other hand, has always been cocoon wrapped

  • totally enclosed without headers before being

shipped from our manufacturing facility in Luxembourg.

Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback from global customers of Tyvek® 2FS, together with our commitment to continuous improvement, the DuPont Medical Packaging Team undertook a project to extend the use of cocoon wrapping to all styles of Tyvek® medical packaging.

Using the technology in place at the Luxembourg facility as a model, the team selected equipment and developed

procedures to handle and automatically wrap individual rolls of Tyvek® medical packaging so that they are totally encased in tough polyethylene stretch film without the use of cardboard headers. Eliminating the cardboard headers meant the elimination of a potential source of cellulose contamination and the prevention of a bellows effectduring shipment that could cause foreign debris contamination.

Two wrapping stations were set up in series: an axial wrapper that provides 100% film coverage and a radial wrapper that seals the rolls barrel with an outer layer of film. The equipment uses state-of-the-art controls to ensure smooth, efficient and consistent process application.

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Medicel from page 2

FIRST LINEincludes refined and precision engineered disposable irrigation and aspiration handpieces for the bi-manual and mono-manual technique of cortical aspiration, as well as other single-use items such as phaco tips and CoolFlow infusion sleeves.

In ophthalmic surgery, the risk of cross-infection is extremely high,said Hohl. The only functional way to increase safety for the patient is by using single-use products. At Medicel, we are committed to not only making disposable products in the same quality as expensive reusable instruments, but to presenting them in a manner that makes the job of the surgical staff easier and ensures the sterility of the product. We know that packaging is a key to this objective and Tyvek® has proven to be a critical component for success,Hohl explained.

The FIRST LINEset required the design of a new injection molded tray with various compartments to hold all of the disposable accessories. The tray and the pre- printed and cutting lids are made by MEDIPACK. The Tyvek® is coated by Perfecseal.

W i t h F I R S T L I N E , i t i s n o w p o s s i b l e f o r a c o m p l e t e l disposable instrument range to be used in cataract surgery,noted Hohl. We are pleased to contribute to the evolution of eye surgery and will continue to use packaging materials that reflect the quality and y

functional standards of our products. Tyvek® has proven to be a first-class packaging material.

Medicel AG, headquartered in Widnau, Switzerland, offers a full range of products for micro-incision surgery. The product line includes traditional reusable instruments, single-use instruments, phaco accessories, fluid management systems and heavy liquids for vitreoretinal surgery. All products are subjected to rigorous testing and scrutiny to ensure that consistent design and manufacturing tolerances are met. Medicel facilities are EN ISO 9001/EN ISO 13485 registered.

MEDIPACK AG, headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, has been delivering innovative, customized medical packaging solutions to the medical device industry for 25 years. Its unique MRP System, which is ideal for production quantities of approximately 100,000 to 3 million units per year, is widely used to efficiently package a variety of products, including: suture material; dental components; surgical blades; implantable devices; inhalers; and pharmaceuticals. Currently, the MEDIPACK research and development team is working on a new linear system that will make the MRP System even more efficient. MEDIPACK facilities are ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 registered.

ViscoJectand FIRST LINEare trademarks of Medicel AG.


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