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October 2004 Volume 13, Issue 2

DuPont Helps Advance Better Health Care Through Science

As a medical device manufacturer reading the Tyvek® Rx newsletter, you are well aware of the role that DuPontTyvek® medical packaging plays in the sterile packaging industry and in the delivery of positive patient outcomes. But you may not be aware of the many facets of infection prevention that are met by myriad other DuPont products.

The fact is, DuPont has been providing a wide range of proven products into the infection prevention and control markets for many years. And, through scientific innovations, DuPont has raised the bar for many product categories, helping to advance better health care.

For example, more than 25 years ago, DuPont set a new standard of protection, convenience and comfort for the medical industry by i n t r o d u c i n g D u P o n t S o f t e s s e a technologically advanced, single-use nonwoven fabric for medical gowns and drapes. Today, DuPont Medical Fabrics provides a family of O.R. fabrics including the newest innovation, DuPontSuprelthat go beyond increased protection and safety to offer new levels of comfort and control, allowing health care workers to focus on the patient. ,

In addition to protective garments for patients and health care workers, DuPont offers a selection of products to reduce the microbiological population in the environment where health care delivery is conducted. DuPontRelyOnAntiseptic Hand Wash Products and Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Products help stop the spread of disease- and illness-causing germs by cleaning and disinfecting two important sources of microbial contamination the hands of the health care provider and hard surfaces in the facility.

For manufacturers in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device industries, DuPont Contamination Control offers three limited-use cleanroom apparel lines as well as nonpyrogenic sterile wipers to ensure the productive performance of processes, products and people.

Available in a range of configurations from coveralls, frocks and lab coats to hoods, sleeve protectors and shoe and boot covers, DuPontTyvek® IsoCleanoffers dry particulate barrier performance down to 0.5 micron and provides an excellent barrier to microorganisms. Whats more, it gives the wearer the added benefits of comfort, durability and ease of movement.

DuPontProClean®, based on patented microporous laminate fabric technology, offers a real breakthrough in cleanrooms where liquid splash and dry particulate protection is a concern. With the same barrier protection as IsoCleanand the inherent breathability of microporous film, ProClean® offers worker comfort and acceptance. ProClean® is available in a range of configurations, including: coveralls, frocks, isolation gowns, sleeve protectors, hoods and boot covers.

To deliver apparel performance for the most critical applications, all IsoCleanand ProClean® apparel that is clean-processed and polybagged is done so in a certified cleanroom laundry. For sterilization, the apparel will receive a Certificate of Irradiation and Sterilityfor full traceability.

DuPontSummus® garments are a lightweight, economical alternative for certain cleanroom applications. Summus® products are designed to resist dry, non-hazardous particles and liquid sprays. A superior combination of spunbonded and multiple meltblown layers provides a strong barrier that is remarkably light and breathable. Summus® garments are available as coveralls, frocks, lab coats, scrub pants and scrub shirts.

DuPontSontara® Nonpyrogenic Wipers are compatible with Class 100 cleanroom environments and have been validated using the AAMI/ISO 11137 Method 1 Guidelines for Sterilization and FDA Guidelines for LAL testing of medical devices. Packaged, gamma sterilized and validated by Contec®, a leading manufacturer of wiping and cleaning products, these nonpyrogenic sterile wipers made of Sontara® fabric pass the bacterial endotoxin test, with levels below the FDA limits for medical devices less than 20 EU/device.

This is just a brief overview of the many innovative products that DuPont currently offers to help advance better health care through science. As the challenges for patient and worker safety in the health care environment continue to grow, we will remain focused on delivering effective solutions.

For more information about the products featured in this article, please visit www.InfectionPrevention.dupont.com


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