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Satire mania: majestic poll fun

Stephen Colbert gives a thumbs up for America

is a little too late to watch one of the best shows on television, but luckily for you (if of course you don’t already DVR it) the last nights’ episode is aired the following day at 8:00 pm. I highly suggest this show to those of you who like to know what’s going on in the world, but find the news rather boring.

he is white so he believes them. In most episodes there is “The Word” where Stephen talks about something in current events which relates to one word. As he keeps talking, the screen next to him makes some jokes, and it’s an all in all good time. There are two notable mini-series on the show that really make The Colbert Report special. The first is “Better Know a District”, a 435 part series where Stephen interviews the representative from each congressional district. I await the glorious moment when he makes his way to New York’s 21st! (that’s our district… if you watch shows like the Colbert Report, this type of knowledge will begin to mean something to you). The second mini-series that I am quite passionate about is “Tek Jansen.” This is Stephen Colbert’s alter ego, who is said to have had “hundreds of girlfriends” and also fights crime, but that’s more of a side-note. The end of the show is spent on an interview. Instead of the guest coming on stage and the audience applauding, Stephen stands up, gets all the applause and runs to an interviewingtablejustafewfeetaway where the guest is already sitting. The Colbert Report follows the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Monday through Thursday at 11:30 PM. Now, many would think, 11:30

by Rachel Naparstek MAGAZINE Just last week, Stephen Colbert described his show quite eloquently. “This show is an acquired taste. If you don’t like it, acquire some taste.” The Colbert Report (pronounced coal-bear re-pour), is not just a satirical news program, but a cult- like gathering each night. I am only one of many citizens in the Colbert Nation who idolize Stephen Colbert to the point that The Colbert Report is permanently saved on my DVR and I go around using words like “truthiness” or “flagophile.” For those of you without TV, which I assume would be the only valid reason not to watch this program; I will lay out the show for you. The Colbert Report begins with a short dialogue between Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart where they say some ridiculously sweet nothings back and forth to give a preview for The Colbert Report. Soon, the magic begins. The audience applaudes and Colbert does his absolute best to be modest, but a standing ovation is just hard to ignore. Stephen will then usually cover some news with a completely unbiased view, because unlike Jon Stewart, Stephen is an independent. It is also important to remember that Stephen does not see race or gender; people tell him

Bert-y Much Love for Stephen Colbert

May 18, 2007

The Warrior Magazine


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