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can only get in a small group.

Now, some of you tried a group and to be honest with you, you didn’t feel like you really fit.  So what do you do?  Just try another one!  Don’t give up.  Maybe you just found a dorky group, or at least a group that is dorky by your standards and interests.  So get in one that suits you better.  But don’t just give up.  Think of it this way.  Suppose this week you tried a new restaurant and it was pathetic.  And suppose eating out is something very dear to your heart.  But the food wasn’t very good and the service was poor and it cost too much.  So after trying this new restaurant and finding that it didn’t work, what are you going to do?  Are you going to say, “That’s it, I’ve decided I am never eating out again!”  That would be silly, wouldn’t it?   Did you ever test drive a car and after the test drive say, “Man, I would never buy that car!  It’s sluggish and awkward, and I really don’t like the color.”  But you didn’t say, “That’s it, I’m never driving a car again!  That was such a pathetic test drive that I’m giving up cars completely!”  Of course not.  So if you got in a group and say, “I don’t fit with these people,” that’s okay.  We give you permission to try another group.  You are not stuck.  You just need to find the right place. And if you’re not in a group, it is not too late yet.  Just check out our small group bulletin board in the lobby.  

Partnership: Doing My Part  

The third level of fellowship is partnership. Partnership is doing my part. Partnership is realizing I’ve got a contribution to make, that the family of God needs me. God did not bring you to Cornerstone to sit and soak in some spiritual spa.  That’s not why you’re here.  He brought you here to serve.  He wants to make a difference in our lives through your life.

Think of it this way.  In every family, there are family responsibilities.  Someone has to clean the bathrooms.  Someone does the laundry.  Someone walks the dogs.  Someone buys the groceries.  Everyone has to make their own bed and clean up their own room.  That’s part of being a family.  This is a Christian family, God's family.  And every one of us has a part. You see, it is great to share your heart; that’s level two. But it is even greater to do your part. That is what level three is all about.

Listen to what the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 3:9. “We are partners working together for God.”  In Greek, the language the New Testament was originally written in, the Greek word for “fellowship” is often translated “partnership.”  That’s how close these two words are.  You ever want to be part of a great team, something that just did something great?  Maybe you had a dream of being a part of a team that went to the Super Bowl or won the World Series. Did you know that you’re part of the greatest team there ever was when you’re part of the church?  After all, what we do is going to last forever. Ever want to be a partner in a great business that went to the top of the Fortune 500?  In the church, we are part of the greatest enterprise that’s ever existed.  We get to be part of God’s plan for the universe. That’s what it is all about, when we cooperate and participate together in the family of God.

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