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Building Events

Hawaiian Heritage Craft Fair December 2 & 3

Kamuela Productions Craft Fair Topa Plaza - December 15, 16, 17

Christmas December 25 (Building Closed)

Blood Donor Drive December 28

Topa Plaza

Effective January 1, 2005, the Topa Plaza will be con- verted into classrooms for The University of Phoenix. In the past, the room has seen its share of many types of events including craft fairs, wedding receptions, baby luaus and fundraisers.

New Receptionist

As you pass by the Management Office, you will notice a new face sitting at the reception desk. Deborah Yacas joins Topa Management Company as the new receptionist. Deborah replaces Nicole Domingo who now assists Curt Nakamura in the leasing operation. If you have a chance, please stop by and introduce yourself to Deborah.

Flu Shots

Topa Financial Center hoped to offer tenants flu shots again this year. However, due to the shortage of vac- cine, the immunizations are not possible. Should the situation change, tenants will be notified accordingly.

FedEx Drop Box

A FedEx drop box now joins the DHL drop box located in the basement (parking garage) near the elevators to assist tenants with last minute pickups. The last pickup of the day for FedEx is 2:00 p. m. and for DHL it's 6:00 p. m. - Monday through Friday.



Grammar Awareness

Question: I have a question regarding proper noun derivatives. Some proper nouns are now used as common nouns. What is the rule regarding their capitalization? When people want a facial tissue, they ask for a Kleenex, not a facial tissue. Since this word is frequently used as a common noun, should it now be spelled with all lowercase letters like french fries?

Answer: Some expressions change from proper nouns to common nouns after extensive usage such as the words "roman numerals" or "manila folder." Although Kleenex is a very well-known word, this word should be capitalized because it is a trademark name. The only way to really determine the capital- ization of words of this type is to check an up-to-date dictionary or reference manual

Question: I don't understand the difference between making a last name plural and possessive. I prefer to write The Dumas' live in California. Is this correct?

Answer: Do not use an apostrophe with a name unless you intend to show ownership. What does the Dumus family own? The verb "live" follows the name; consequently, Dumas is not showing owner- ship. The sentence implies that there are at least two people with the last name of Dumas. Since Dumas is the last name and it ends in "s," the last name is made plural by adding "es." Therefore, the sentence should be The Dumases live in California.

Nauseous vs. Nauseated: What’s the proper use of these two often confused words?

Incorrect: The phrase “I feel nauseous” is incorrect when used to describe feelings or affects of illness. What you are actually saying by this statement is that you feel like you are loathsome or offensive to others

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    meaning that YOU cause nausea.

Correct: The correct way to describe a feeling of revolt or a queasy, sickish stomach is to say “I feel nauseated”.



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