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ADVANCED CONTRACT DRAFTING deals with drafting various agreements (including IPIL-related agreements), ranging from sales through licenses and other forms of contract. 3 CREDITS.

ADVANCED TOPICS IN COPYRIGHT LAW SEMINAR provides students the opportunity for in-depth exploration of topics of interest to them, including technological, international, and historical problems in the field of copyright law. 3 CREDITS.

ANTITRUST LAW teaches the law and economics of antitrust policy and the methods for enforcing antitrust policy. Emphasis is placed on the issues of monopolization, mergers, price fixing, and state and local government actions displacing the competitive process. 3 CREDITS.

ART LAW examines the relevant case law and legal proceedings involving national and international disputes over the title and possession of works of art and cultural heritage. 2 CREDITS.

COMMUNICATION LAW examines regulation and policy concerned with various forms of mass media in the US, including radio and television as well as telecommunications regulations, law and policy. 3 CREDITS.

COPYRIGHT LAW deals with the protection of the works of human intellect (literature, music, art, computer programs, etc.) under the Copyright Act of 1976, as amended, and related provisions of U.S. Code Title 17. The course includes subject matter, ownership, duration, formalities, exclusive rights, infringement actions and defenses, remedies, federal preemption of state law, and international aspects of copyright. 3 CREDITS.

DIGITAL TRANSACTIONS covers issues in software and online licensing, including the nature of remedies, warranties, and other obligations that arise from such transactions. 2 CREDITS.

eDISCOVERY examines the increased impact of technology in the workplace, including significant changes in the way litigation, and specifically discovery, is handled. 3 CREDITS.

ENTERTAINMENT LAW blends concepts and skills derived from intellectual property, contracts, and torts, with emphasis on recent Internet-based developments (e.g., MP3 and Napster) in the relevant entertainment industries. 2 CREDITS.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP examines entrepreneurship and specifically considers the challenges and strategies typically encountered in becoming a successful entrepreneur, with particular emphasis on technology and the law relating to it. 3 CREDITS.

FRANCHISE & DISTRIBUTION covers a broad range of legal issues and topics involved in franchising and product distribution, including franchise regulation, disclosure, and registration, types of franchises, antitrust, unfair competition, trademarks, pricing, advertising, premises liability, and contract law. 3 CREDITS.

GENETICS AND THE LAW examines ethical, legal, and policy issues surrounding new genetic technologies flowing from the Human Genome Project; ethical issues in genetic research; genetic privacy and concerns about genetic discrimination; cloning, stem-cell research, and reproductive uses of genetic information; forensic use of genetic information; behavioral genetics; medical applications such as gene therapy and genetically targeted drug therapies; problems with commercialization and regulation of genetic products and services; issues in genomic medicine; and gene patenting. 2 CREDITS.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ADVANCED TOPICS SEMINAR is a treatment of specialized subjects in intellectual property law. 3 CREDITS.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW SURVEY covers domestic intellectual property laws—patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret—through statutes and cases. The course is intended to afford the student who intends to practice in other areas an acquaintance with issues and principles, and to provide the would-be IPIL specialist an introduction to the overall subject. 2 CREDITS.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT examines the legal and managerial issues facing an intellectual property or information-based organization from its startup phase through either an initial public offering (IPO) or an acquisition by another firm. 2-3 CREDITS.

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