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You, along with three other ‘trainee’ Concorde pilots, will be welcomed in the Members’ Bar of the Brooklands Edwardian Clubhouse by a British Airways Concorde Captain and, following a drink and a brief chat, the Captain’s Lunch will be served in our private Ford Room. (On dates for Captain’s Dinners, the meal will be served after the Simulator session).

After lunch your Captain will brief you on some of the aspects of the Simulator and your time on on it.

It will then be time to take the Concorde Experience Flight on G-BBDG and visit its flight deck before moving onto the Simulator.

You will spend two hours on board the Simulator, of which 30 minutes will be at the controls in the Captain’s seat with the Captain seated next to you. He will instruct you on the handling of the aircraft and take you through take-off, cruising at Mach 2 and landing. When others are flying you will be watching, learning and enjoying their experiences!

You might be taking off from New York or London Heathrow or landing at Hong Kong Kai-Tak; there may be a re-creation of the British Maiden flight from Filton to Fairford; or even a landing on the old Brooklands runway.!

The Brooklands Museum Concorde Simulator, first entered service in 1975 as one of just two in the world, and cost about £3 million - £20 million at today’s prices.

One of the most sophisticated aircraft simulators ever created, it was installed at the British Aircraft Corporation in Filton, near Bristol, and for 28 years was used to train British Airways Concorde aircrew.

When Concorde operations ceased at the end of 2003, BA decommissioned the simulator and, a year later, it was dismantled and transported to Brooklands Museum.

Now, as a result of a three-year project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), led by a team of volunteers from the museum and the University of Surrey, along with the expert assistance of XPI Simulation, this unique piece of aviation technology is ready to be flown again as a fixed-base unit - the only operational Concorde Simulator in the world.


Brooklands Museum has enlisted a team of British Airways Concorde Captains and each ‘At the Controls of Concorde’ event will be hosted by one of them.

It might be daylight or night time! Your emotions might range from trepidation to satisfaction, anxiety to excitement, and from failure to achievement and above all, a thrill you will never forget.

Only at Brooklands Museum is it still possible to ‘fly’ Concorde... will you be piloting her to a perfect landing?

He will welcome you in the Members’ Bar, join you for lunch or dinner and give you a briefing before moving on to the Concorde Terminal.

Here, after your Concorde Experience Flight your Captain will meet you on the Flight Deck of Delta Golf before taking you on the Concorde Simulator for your ‘training’.


Concorde G-BBDG, the first to fly 100 people at twice the speed of sound, has been superbly restored and resides at Brooklands Museum.

from Concorde’s history, and a film detailing the life of G-BBDG from construction to her restoration and opening to the public at Brooklands.

Over thirty per cent of every Concorde, British and French, was built here, more than at any other location, so it can truly be said that Brooklands is the Home of Concorde.

Walking forward you will see a display of passenger seating and memorabilia through the aircraft’s commercial service from 1976 to 2003.

The rear cabin is now a fascinating exhibition with four themes - the origins of Concorde; building and testing; Concorde in service; and tragedy, recovery and retirement. There are archive film clips, images, documents and artefacts

Moving in to the front cabin, it will be time to take your place in one of the famous grey leather Concorde seats for your ‘flight’. On ‘landing’ you will be invited by the Captain to the flight deck for a brief visit before entering the Simulator.

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