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Bibliographic Citations:

Peck, Harriet Taylor (1993). Coyote Places the Stars. New York: Bradbury Press. Story Synopsis: In this story clever Coyote makes a ladder to the moon. From there he shoots his arrows at the stars until he arranges them in the shapes of the animals. Upon his return to earth, the animals are overwhelmed by his feat and praise him highly. Coyote promises that he will always be a friend to them and their children.

London, Jonathan and Lanny Pinola (1993). Fire Race: A Karuk Coyote Tale About How Fire Came to the People. San Francisco: Chronicle Books. Story Synopsis: Coyote is referred to in this story as “Wise Old Coyote” or “Grandfather Coyote.” It takes place in a long ago time when the people did not have fire for heat or cooking. They had heard about fire being kept by the yellow jackets who would not share. Coyote gathered all of the animals together and told them that they could steal the fire if they all cooperated. Coyote traveled until he reached the yellow jackets. He was able to snatch the fire by trickery. He then passed it on to the eagle, who passed it on to the mountain lion and so on. Finally, the turtle swallowed the burning ember and kept it under water until he could spit it onto the root of the willow tree. Coyote then showed them how to get the fire back by rubbing willow sticks together.

French, Fiona (1997). Lord of the Animals: A Miwok Indian Creation Myth. Brookfield, Connecticut: Millbrook Press. Story Synopsis: In this myth Coyote has created all of the animals and now wishes to create a Lord of the Animals. Each animal tries to help him by molding a model out of clay and each model looks remarkably like the animal itself. While they are sleeping, Coyote takes their models and incorporates their best qualities to create a unique new being to be Lord of the Animals, a human, as clever as he is.

Dominic, Gloria (1996). Coyote and the Grasshoppers: A Pomo Legend. Vero Beach, Florida: The Rourke Corporation, Inc. Story Synopsis: The Pomos are suffering from the effects of a drought. Their beautiful lake has dried up and there is nothing left but the roots of the grass. Just when it appears that things can’t get worse, they are hit by a devastating swarm of grasshoppers. Coyote is moved by their plight and appeals to the Great Spirit for help. To his astonishment, the Great Spirit instructs him to start eating grasshoppers. As Coyote struggles to follow the Great Spirit’s instructions, he is led to water and is thus able to restore the lake and save the Pomos.

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