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Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorial 5 Internet Assignment

Adventure Outdoors Adventure Outdoors, a youth-oriented travel company, has hired you to develop a database that the staff can use to quickly access information about National Parks. Adventure Outdoors uses grant money to pay the way for teens who cannot afford to take trips. They intend to use the database to help plan teen travel during the summer months. The database will also include the names of the United States Senators from each of the states. Adventure Outdoors contacts senators to ask for grant money for the programs. Three basic tables are in the rough draft of the database to get you started. Open the database and see which fields and tables have been created. Based on research on the Internet, you will add fields that you think will be useful, relate the tables, and enter data for several states. You will share your work with the staff at Adventure Outdoors and then, over time, you will complete the database. To begin, you will research and enter data for five states.


Start Access and then open the Adventure Outdoors.accdb database provided by your instructor.


Open the tblPark, tblSenator, and tblState tables. Become familiar with the fields in these tables. (Note: The State, Town, and Phone fields in the tblPark table pertain to the park’s headquarters location.)


Consider and add any additional fields. Include a memo field in one of the tables, and include a data validation rule for at least one field in one of the tables. Create an input mask for the Phone field in the tblPark and tblSenator tables


Open your Internet browser and search for the information you will need to fill in the fields in the tblPark table; this information is readily available over the Internet. You can begin your search at www.nps.gov. Find information about at least ten parks. Then use the Internet to find information for the tblSenator and tblState tables. You should obtain information for your own state and for the states that contain the headquarters for the National Parks you selected.


Enter the data you found into the tblState table, the tblSenator table, and then the tblPark table. Resize the datasheet columns to their best fit in each table.


Create a parameter query that will display the senators’ information for a state based on the state value entered by the user. The query should show the parks in the senators’ state. Name the query qrySenatorsParameter.


Run the qrySenatorsParameter query for your state. Print this datasheet.

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