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Figure 2. Front and rear views of HP Integrity Superdome 32-processor or 32–mx2 Dual-Processor Module server cabinet

Front view

Rear view

Directly below the cell boards is the main air intake, and below that are two I/O chassis. Each I/O chassis holds 12 PCI-X I/O cards. Redundant power supplies are at the bottom of the cabinet. The HP Integrity Superdome family does not use electric plugs; instead, 48 Vdc power is hard-wired to each cabinet. There are two redundant power inputs so the system can be powered up via two different power grids. An opening in the side of the cabinet allows two HP Integrity Superdome 32- processor or 32–mx2 Dual-Processor Module server cabinets to be cabled together to constitute an HP Integrity Superdome with 64 processors or 64 mx2 Dual-Processor Modules.

In order to differentiate between the existing HP 9000 Superdome servers and new Integrity Superdome servers based on the sx1000 Chipset, the cabinet skin color will no longer be an off-white quartz; it will be a dark gray graphite. The I/O expansion cabinet associated with the HP Integrity Superdome will also be graphite in color.

Features of the Integrity Superdome cabinets include:

  • Front and rear servicing—This lets you arrange the cabinets of your HP Integrity Superdome in the traditional row fashion found in most computer rooms.

  • Sized for easy installation—The width of the cabinet allows entry through most doorways without disassembly.

  • Hot-swappable filters—The intake air to the cell boards is filtered, helping to keep the boards clean and operational. You can remove the filter for cleaning or replacement while the system is operating.

  • External status display—A status display on the outside of the front and rear doors of each cabinet allows maintenance personnel and HP field engineers to determine the basic status of each cabinet without opening any cabinet doors.


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