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When a hardware monitor detects a problem, it generates a report. Administrators can be notified via SNMP, HP OpenView Vantagepoint Operations, e-mail, page, syslog, console, or a selected text log file. Each event report contains a complete description of the problem, a severity classification (informational, warning, serious, critical), and text that shows the probable cause and the suggested action to take.

When excessive processor cache errors are detected, the processor is automatically removed from use until it is replaced. If the customer has Instant Capacity processors on HP-UX available in the partition, EMS will automatically activate one of these processors to replace the processor that has been removed from use. The failed processor is also marked so it will be removed from use on the next system reboot.

Hardware inventory in Support Tools Manager

With Integrity Superdome servers, HP Support Tools Manager (STM) has been enhanced to give you detailed information about the system. Integrity Superdome servers have been designed with the ability for each individual field-replaceable unit (FRU) to report information such as serial number, part number, revision level, etc. This information is available in the system information tool in STM. In addition, some of the hardware inventory information is accessible via desktop management interface (DMI).

HP Systems Insight Manager support for Windows Server 2003

Each Windows-based hard partition in Integrity Superdome ships with HP Systems Insight Manager management agents. HP Systems Insight Manager increases system uptime and provides powerful monitoring and control. It delivers pre-failure alerting for servers, so potential server failures are detected before they result in unplanned system downtime. It also provides inventory reporting capabilities that dramatically reduce the time and effort required to track server assets and help system administrators make educated decisions about which system may required hardware upgrades or replacement. And Systems Insight Manager is an effective tool for managing your HP desktops and notebooks, as well as non-HP devices instrumented to SNMP or DMI.

Each Windows-based hard partition in Integrity Superdome will have a System Management Homepage, which displays critical management information through a simple, task-oriented user interface. All system faults and major subsystem status are now reported within the initial System Management Homepage view. In addition, the new tab-based interface and menu structure provide one-click access to the server log. The System Management Homepage is accessible either directly through a browser (with the partition’s IP address) or through a management application such as Systems Insight Manager or an enterprise management application.

Support Management Station (SMS)

To further decrease the possibility of unscheduled downtime, the HP Integrity Superdome Support Management Station (SMS), a separate server, provides diagnosis and test capabilities for the Integrity Superdome. The SMS includes ASIC-level scan tools that can be used by HP support engineers to diagnose Integrity Superdome servers in your data center. (For more details on the SMS, see “HP Integrity Superdome Support Management Station” on page 34.)

HP Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE)

The Integrity Superdome can be supported by HP Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE), which is designed to keep mission-critical environments up and running. The ISEE lets HP Mission Critical Support Centers (MCSC) reduce the number, duration, and impact of outages on covered systems.

The ISEE is a leading-edge remote support solution, a combination of processes and support personnel that provide powerful support capabilities for systems covered by mission-critical HP support contracts. The HP ISEE solution improves the availability of the Integrity Superdome by:

  • Conducting frequent, automated data collection of the customer’s mission-critical environment


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