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  • Providing a secure, high-bandwidth link for HP support personnel to remotely access the customer’s

environment in order to conduct diagnostic tests and potentially solve reported problems

  • Providing reactive and proactive support for HP mission-critical customers

HP Mission Critical Support Center

The MCSC resides inside HP. Its job is to act as the primary support center to collect and track customer information and to perform proactive problem analysis. It also provides a control point in the ISEE remote support architecture. To maintain the security of the customer’s environment, the MCSC allows only authorized high-availability (HA) support engineers to access the isolated LAN.

ISEE collects configuration data from the customer’s mission-critical environment on a weekly basis for providing both reactive and proactive support. HP qualified support engineers interpret the data in order to expedite the problem resolution process. The HP account support team will also analyze the data to provide the following proactive services:

  • HP-UX Patch Analysis—a detailed review of the systems’ current patch level, with recommendations to install, update, or remove patches to align the environment with the pre-selected patch management strategy

  • HP-UX OS, hardware, and firmware analysis—a detailed assessment to assist in improving system availability; reducing business interruptions caused by technical configurations, operating system, hardware, and software; and recommending proven best practices

  • System HealthChecks—a suite of server assessment tools that perform analysis relating to system management, availability, security, and performance to enhance your system

  • Environment assessment—a detailed assessment of your HP-UX environment (can also be applied to MC/Serviceguard clusters), which identifies opportunities to increase environmental availability through planned configuration change management

HP network support customers who are entitled to ISEE Advanced Configuration will also receive the benefits of HP Network Support Tools (NST). Network Support Tools provide HP’s network support engineers with powerful diagnostics and mapping tools for network discovery, configuration collection, and troubleshooting to resolve network problems quickly. NST takes advantage of the ISEE platform, features, and single remote access point. HP performs remote support only with customer authorization.


HP Integrity Superdome servers have a substantial number of features that make them easier to repair with little or no downtime. Among these features are:

  • Machine check architecture

  • N+1 CPUs and cell boards with Instant Capacity (only available on HP-UX 11i and Windows)

  • Hot-swap N+1 fans, power supplies, and backplane DC/DC converters

  • Online replacement of PCI-X I/O cards (only available on HP-UX and Windows Server 2003)

  • Online addition and replacement (OLAR) of cell boards (available in a follow-on release to HP-UX


  • Dual power sources

N+1 CPUs and cell boards with iCOD

Integrity Superdome servers have support for Instant Capacity with HP-UX. This feature lets you bring additional CPUs or cell boards (i.e., CPUs and memory) online without a system reboot. Because no reboot is needed, the system has no loss of availability, even while capacity is being increased.


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