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Another advantage of Instant Capacity is that it allows setting up a system of N+1 CPUs or cell boards, providing high single-system availability. If one CPU or one cell board (i.e., CPU or memory) fails, another is already running and prepared to take its place automatically without disturbing

system operation.

N+1 fans, power supplies, and backplane DC/DC converters

Integrity Superdome servers are equipped with N+1 fans, power supplies, and backplane DC/DC converters, providing high availability for these components.

Dual power sources

Dual power sources in these servers mean the power supply can be protected against becoming a single point of failure.

Online addition and replacement (OLAR) of PCI I/O cards and chassis

PCI card OLAR enables the online addition and replacement of PCI I/O cards on HP Integrity Superdome servers running HP-UX and Windows Server 2003. The system hardware uses per-slot power control combined with operating system support for the PCI card OLAR feature to allow you to add a new card and replace an existing card without affecting other components or requiring a reboot.

Online addition and replacement of cell boards

Integrity Superdome servers and a future HP-UX release (after 11i v2) will support online addition and replacement of cell boards, allowing repair and maintenance of these critical components without bringing the system down.

Online addition of nPartitions

These servers allow you to add nPartitions without affecting other running nPartitions. Such dynamic reconfiguration is another reason why HP Integrity Superdome servers provide increased uptime. And HP Integrity Superdome servers will fully support dynamic cell board migration with the next release of HP-UX 11i.

HP Serviceguard HA and Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) Cluster-in-a-Box

In order to increase the uptime of applications within an Integrity Superdome, you can configure nPartitions in an HP Serviceguard HA or Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) cluster so that the cluster membership is within the system. Upon detection of a failure within an nPartition, the HP Serviceguard HA or MSCS cluster software fails-over the application to another nPartition within the HP Integrity Superdome system.

Below is the HA clustering software supported for each operating system:

  • HP-UX 11i version 2: HP Serviceguard

  • Windows Server 2003: Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) for Windows Server 2003, Datacenter

Edition for Itanium-based systems

  • Linux: HP Serviceguard

Uptime Institute Certification

The interaction of a server with its physical environment is a critical component of maintaining the availability of the environment. As such, the HP Integrity Superdome line demonstrates its mission- critical capabilities by being fully certified by The Uptime Institute’s Fault Tolerant Power Compliance Certification version 1.2. The certification verifies that all computer and communication hardware maintains full functionality through various power-testing manipulations. The HP Integrity Superdome


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