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qualified as “fault tolerance power compliant” based on requirements collectively developed by the 48 members of the Uptime Institute’s Site Uptime Network.

Support services

In order to provide high availability, there is much more to consider than just the hardware capabilities of the HP Integrity Superdome. For example, customers should keep in mind not only the overall HA solutions being offered by HP products (delivering both single-system and cluster HA), but also support services (such as business-continuity support and critical-systems support), IT process support (consulting, disaster-recovery services, etc.), and partnerships with third parties (e.g., databases, ERP, and telecommunication solutions) for fully integrated high-availability solution offerings. When HP support is purchased, fault management events can be forwarded to the HP support organization. HP can then monitor, filter, and interpret the events and take action on items that need attention.

HP Integrity Superdome: investment protection

The HP Integrity Superdome family provides outstanding customer investment protection and lasting value, thanks in part to a system infrastructure designed to accommodate several generations of processor upgrades. For example, existing HP 9000 Superdome servers are board-upgradable to the PA-8800 and Intel Itanium 2 processors and the HP mx2 Dual-Processor Module as well as future PA-RISC (PA-8900) and Intel Itanium processors. All major system components other than the cell board and power conversion card remain the same—these processors even use the same memory DIMMs. An Intel Itanium 2 processor and an HP mx2 Dual-Processor Module can be combined in the same complex, but not in the same partition, thus enhancing the flexibility and investment protection within the system.


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