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SMS installation

One SMS is installed per customer site (or data center) and connected to each HP Integrity Superdome via a private LAN. Ideally, the SMS is installed near the associated HP Integrity Superdome servers, so the HP customer engineer will run the scan tools and then be able to immediately make any necessary hardware repairs. The physical connection from the platform is a private Ethernet connection.

The SMS can support two LAN interfaces:

  • The dedicated connection to the systems to be supported

  • The connection to interface with the customer’s general LAN

These two LAN connections allow SMS operations to be performed remotely. More than one SMS can exist on a private LAN, but only one SMS should be actively using the LAN.

SMS functional capabilities The SMS can:

  • Allow remote access via customer LAN (no modem access)

  • Be disconnected from the Integrity Superdome servers without disrupting their operation

  • Be connected to a new Integrity Superdome and be recognized by scan software

  • Support multiple, heterogeneous Integrity Superdome platforms with scan software capability

  • Scan one Integrity Superdome while other Integrity Superdome servers are connected, without

disrupting the operational platforms

  • Run the scan software tools

  • Run up to four scan processes concurrently, each on a different HP Integrity Superdome

  • Support utility firmware updates

Partition Manager

Another invaluable management feature for HP Integrity Superdome is the Partition Manager. This tool provides control and management of HP Integrity Superdome nPartitions and is available in native mode on HP-UX. Windows and Linux partitions can be managed by Partition Manager running on HP-UX. In addition, a native Windows command-line solution is available to run on the Support Management Station. You can launch Partition Manager either as a GUI or directly from the command line. With it you can:

  • Display server status

  • Create, delete, and modify nPartitions

  • Display a complete hardware inventory

  • Display status of key server components

  • Check for problems or unusual server conditions

  • Manage power to cells and I/O chassis

  • Toggle attention indicators for cells, I/O chassis, I/O cards, and cabinets

Partition Manager on HP-UX 11i v2 has been significantly improved to include:

  • A new Web interface

  • Graphical “big picture” views of

  • nPars

  • Hardware components

  • Easy-to-see status lights 35

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