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  • Smart action menus that adjust per selected element

  • Remote administration

Additional features are available on HP-UX servers:

  • Partition Manager can be launched by Servicecontrol Manager 3.0

  • Partition Manager is aware of Instant Capacity and Pay per use

Central point of administration

HP Systems Insight Manager is the central point of administration for managing all HP servers running HP-UX, Windows, Linux, and OpenVMS. HP Systems Insight Manager delivers powerful monitoring and control, notifying the administrator of potential hardware or software problems before they occur. It also provides inventory reporting capabilities that dramatically reduce the time and effort required to track server assets. HP Systems Insight Manager provides secure communications as well as role- based security so that its powerful capabilities are kept secure from unauthorized users. And HP Systems Insight Manager is an effective tool for managing your HP storage, power, client, and printer products. HP Systems Insight Manager integrates with many other operating system–specific tools described below.


Software deployment

  • Ignite-UX addresses the need for HP-UX system administrators to perform fast deployment for one or many servers. It provides the means for creating and reusing standard system configurations, enables replication of systems, permits post-installation customizations, and is capable of both interactive and unattended operating modes.

  • Software Distributor (SD) is the HP-UX administration toolset used to deliver and maintain HP-UX operating systems and layered software applications. Delivered as part of HP-UX, SD can help you manage your HP-UX operating system, patches, and application software on HP Integrity servers.

  • Update-UX is a tool for customizing the behavior of and automating the process for HP-UX operating environment updates.

  • Software Package Builder is an intuitive, GUI-based tool for packaging software into SD-UX packages so they can be installed and managed in the same way as HP’s system software.


  • System Administration Manager (SAM) is used to manage accounts for users and groups, perform auditing and security operations, and handle disk and file system management and peripheral device management. Servicecontrol Manager allows these tasks to be distributed to multiple systems and delegated using role-based security.

  • HP-UX Kernel Configuration is used for self-optimizing kernel changes. The new HP-UX Kernel Configuration tool allows users to tune both dynamic and static kernel parameters quickly and easily from a Web-based GUI to improve system performance. This tool also sets kernel parameter alarms that notify you when system usage levels exceed thresholds.

  • HP-UX webmin-based Admin is a Web-based system management framework that allows a wide variety of open source webmin system management modules to be plugged in. HP supports this tool for the configuration of the HP-UX Apache-based Web server and the HP-UX Tomcat-based Servlet Engine.

  • HP-UX Bastille is a security hardening/lockdown tool that enhances the security of an HP-UX host. It accommodates the various degrees of hardening required of servers used for the Web, applications, and databases.


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