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  • Security Patch Check determines how current a system’s security patches are, recommends patches for continuing security vulnerabilities, and warns administrators about recalled patches still present on the system.

  • Serviceguard Manager can monitor and manage Serviceguard on HP-UX and Linux clusters from a single point. It provides a graphical user interface to display status and administer HP Serviceguard, Serviceguard Extension for RAC, Metrocluster, and Continentalclusters.

  • Event Monitoring Service (EMS) keeps the administrator of multiple systems aware of system operation throughout the cluster and notifies the administrator of potential hardware or software problems before they occur. HP Servicecontrol Manager can launch the EMS interface and configure EMS monitors for any node or node group that belongs to the cluster, resulting in increased reliability and reduced downtime.

  • Management Processor enables remote server management over the Web, regardless of the system state. In the unlikely event that the operating system is not running, the Management Processor can be accessed to power-cycle the server, view event and status logs, enable console redirection, and more. The Management Processor is embedded into the server and does not take a PCI slot.

  • Process Resource Manager (PRM) controls the resources that processes use during peak system load. PRM can manage the allocation of CPU, memory resources, and disk bandwidth. It allows administrators to run multiple mission-critical applications on a single system, improve response time for critical users and applications, allocate resources on shared servers based on departmental budget contributions, provide applications with total resource isolation, and dynamically change configuration at any time—even under load.

  • HP-UX Workload Manager (WLM) provides automatic CPU resource allocation and application performance management based on prioritized service-level objectives (SLOs). In addition, WLM allows administrators to set real memory and disk bandwidth entitlements (guaranteed minimums) to fixed levels in the configuration. The use of workload groups and SLOs improves response time for critical users, allows system consolidation, and helps manage user expectations for performance.

  • OpenView Operations Agent provides a fully integrated, single-pane-of-glass management solution for systems, networks, applications, and databases. A powerful ability to monitor, filter, correlate, and respond to events enables IT organizations to establish central management control over their managed environments and improve overall availability and reliability.

  • OpenView Performance Agent monitors and analyzes the performance of systems and applications to compare service-level objectives with actual application performance. It enables real-time performance monitoring as well as action on alarm.

  • OpenView Glanceplus is a powerful system monitoring and diagnostic tool that provides online performance information, examination of system activities, identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks, and system fine-tuning.

  • OpenView Data Protector (Omniback II) provides reliable, high-performance data protection for enterprise-wide heterogeneous environments without impacting system or application performance. It centralizes and automates backup and recovery operations and tracks file versions and media to enable swift recovery of information.

  • OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) management station will run on Itanium 2–based HP-UX servers. NNM provides a powerful network management solution that includes concise, in-depth views of network devices and their status in an intuitive graphical format. NNM helps network managers evaluate network performance, pinpoint problem sources, and proactively manage their networks and network availability.

  • All other OpenView management tools, such as OpenView Operations, Service Desk, and Service Reporter, will be able to collect and process information from the agents running on Integrity servers with HP-UX.


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