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Windows Server 2003

The HP Integrity Essentials Foundation Pack for Windows is a complete toolset for installing, configuring, and managing HP Integrity Superdome servers running Windows. The following tools are included in the pack:

  • Smart Setup CD includes an EFI-based setup utility (EBSU) designed for easy server and array controller configuration. The CD also includes all the latest tested and compatible HP drivers, HP firmware, HP utilities, and HP management agents that assist in the server deployment process (by preparing the server for installation of a standard Windows operating system) and in the ongoing management of the server. Customers who are interested in even easier deployment are advised to order their Itanium 2–based HP servers preloaded with Windows.

  • HP Systems Insight Manager support for Windows Server 2003 is available to manage Integrity servers with Windows Server 2003. See above for additional details.

  • System Management Home Page for HP Integrity Servers with Windows helps system administrators rapidly respond to potential and actual system failures, increases system stability, and reduces troubleshooting complexity. It provides consolidated information about system health and configuration through a simple, Web-based user interface. All system faults and major subsystem status are reported within the System Management Home Page. The System Management Home Page is accessible either directly through a browser or through a management application such as Systems Insight Manager or an enterprise management application.

Also available for managing HP Integrity servers running Windows are the following:

  • Partition Manager creates and manages nPartitions—hard partitions for high-end servers. Once the partitions are created, the systems running on those partitions can be managed consistently with all the other server management tools available for Windows servers. At first release, Partition Manager will require a PC SMS running Partition Manager Command Line or an HP-UX 11i v2 partition or separate device (e.g., Itanium 2–based workstation or server running HP-UX 11i v2) in order to configure Windows partitions.

  • Management Processor enables remote server management over the Web regardless of the system state. In the unlikely event that the operating system is not running, the Management Processor can be accessed to power-cycle the server, view event and status logs, enable console redirection, and more. The Management Processor is embedded into the server and does not take a PCI slot.

  • Microsoft Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) provides resource management and enables the allocation of resources, including processor and memory resources, among multiple applications based on business priorities. An administrator sets targets for the amount of hardware resources that running applications or users are allowed to consume. This means that you can allocate resources among multiple applications on a server according to your business priorities.

  • OpenView management tools, such as OpenView Operations and Network Node Manager, will be able to collect and process information from the SNMP agents and WMI running on Itanium 2– based Windows servers, proactively monitoring and measuring the availability and performance of heterogeneous servers and applications from a services perspective and a Windows management platform. In addition, OpenView Operations and performance agents directly collect and correlate event, storage, and performance data from Itanium 2–based Windows servers, enhancing the information OpenView management tools will process and present.


  • Systems Insight Manager is available to manage Integrity servers with Linux. See above for

additional details.


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