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  • The HP Enablement Kit for Linux facilitates setup and configuration of the operating system. This kit includes SystemImager, an open source operating-system-deployment tool. SystemImager is a golden image–based tool and can be used for initial deployment as well as updates.

  • Partition Manager creates and manages nPartitions—hard partitions for high-end servers. Once the partitions are created, the systems running on those partitions can be managed consistently with all the other server management tools available for Linux servers. At first release, Partition Manager will require an HP-UX 11i v2 partition or separate device (e.g., Itanium 2–based workstation or server running HP-UX 11i v2) in order to configure Linux partitions.

  • Management Processor enables remote server management over the Web regardless of the system state. In the unlikely event that the operating system is not running, the Management Processor can be accessed to power-cycle the server, view event and status logs, enable console redirection, and more. The Management Processor is embedded into the server and does not take a PCI slot.

  • OpenView management tools, such as OpenView Operations and Network Node Manager, collect and process information from the SNMP agents running on Itanium 2–based Integrity servers running Linux. In addition, HP OpenView Operations and Performance agents will directly collect information for Integrity servers running Linux.

HP Services for the HP Integrity servers

Evolve your infrastructure confidently with a partner that stands accountable

When you’re ready to take advantage of the performance improvements Itanium-based systems offer, HP has a full range of multi-OS services to help make the transition as seamless and painless as possible. We’ll help you quickly and confidently introduce HP Integrity systems into your existing IT environment and maximize their potential for your business. We offer assessment services to precisely define porting requirements and chart a course to deployment, implementation services to install and configure equipment rapidly, and education services to provide your staff with the expertise required to achieve heightened system performance. Throughout the evolution process, HP accepts full accountability for delivering on the service commitments that we and our partners have made. And our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t stop with the transition process itself. Our multi-OS support offerings—from simple reactive to comprehensive mission-critical—reduce the risks associated with downtime once your HP Integrity systems are installed. We are looking ahead to help with your long-term success by working with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) in both the technical and commercial markets to tailor their applications to the Intel Itanium 2 architecture, thereby exploiting the full potential of your HP Integrity servers.

HP Services delivers end-to-end solutions that offer consistent quality and service levels across multiple platforms such as UNIX, Windows, and Linux, as well as systems from other well-known vendors. With the introduction of the Itanium 2–based midrange servers, HP is the only vendor that offers the services to support the implementation of multiple operating systems (UNIX, Windows, and Linux) on a single Itanium-based server. HP Services will utilize its wide range of offerings and its experienced services personnel to help companies fully exploit the capabilities of the Intel Itanium architecture while protecting their existing infrastructures.

Full lifecycle services

HP Services offers a portfolio of services across your IT lifecycle that meet your business requirements. Whether it’s a discrete short-term engagement or a full-scale project deployment, HP helps you fully exploit the Intel Itanium architecture capabilities while protecting your existing infrastructures and IT investments by positioning you to meet your evolving business needs.

  • Evaluation and planning: HP Services experts help your company determine the best strategy for seamlessly integrating Itanium-based systems into your existing infrastructure to improve performance, reduce costs, and gain control of your IT environment. Working closely with your


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