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The rest of the HP Integrity Superdome story

This white paper has barely touched the surface of the capabilities of the HP Integrity Superdome family. Here are some other areas of interest.

The Adaptive Enterprise and HP Integrity Superdome

Because no HP Integrity Superdome stands in isolation, you can expect even more from HP. The HP Integrity Superdome can be part of your Adaptive Enterprise, meeting the needs of your total IT environment throughout the life of the solution.

HP Integrity Superdome servers are delivered with a Foundation Configuration of services that help you get the right configuration for your solution the first time—and in record time. The services begin with up-front assessments of business/IT alignment, IT technical skills, and environment and mission- critical readiness. You’ll get a detailed architecture design based on your solution; factory pre- integration for software, peripherals, and middleware; and an HP solution manager assigned to make sure you are satisfied. You’ll also be able to add mission-critical support services to meet the demanding stability and availability requirements so characteristic of the Internet powerhouse.


In this era of 24 x 7 applications and mission-critical Internet operations, businesses need a bulletproof infrastructure. That infrastructure is powered by HP’s industry-leading, high-performance enterprise servers. The HP Integrity Superdome represents another giant step forward for the HP server line. With the recent introduction of the HP mx2 Dual-Processor Module, the sx1000 Chipset can now support two Intel Itanium 2 processors in the same cell board socket that is used for a single Intel Itanium 2 processor. This HP innovation offers up to twice the performance density of the previous HP Integrity Superdome servers.

Availability: With industry-leading multi-system availability, single-system reliability, and superior nPartition resilience, the Integrity Superdome servers are designed to meet the needs of large enterprises, service providers, and established online economy companies.

Capacity: Integrity Superdome servers provide a computing utility infrastructure unmatched by any competitor offering. The superior system and processor architecture provides scalability that outstrips the competition.

Connectivity: Integrity Superdome servers offer massive amounts of I/O connectivity and have high- speed connectivity, too.

Security: Thanks to HP Virtualvault and other leading security products, Integrity Superdome servers can offer unparalleled levels of security. Virtualvault today has been entrusted with protecting some $7 trillion in assets—testimony to its industry-wide acceptance.

Manageability: HP’s suite of management products are all ready to make HP Integrity Superdome management easier.


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