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capacity, and manageability. The HP Integrity Superdome meets and exceeds these demanding requirements.

Introducing the HP Integrity Superdome

The HP Integrity Superdome with Intel Itanium 2 processors and mx2 Dual-Processor Modules is the high-end addition to the HP family of enterprise servers. HP’s innovations extend the capabilities of the HP Integrity Superdome family in the following areas:

  • Scalability

  • Performance

  • Capacity

  • Availability

  • Flexibility

  • Investment protection

  • Manageability

  • Multi-OS support (HP-UX, Windows, Linux; OpenVMS in 1H 2006)

As a high-end platform, HP Integrity Superdome servers are uniquely able to address your requirements, even as those requirements change over time. This capability is based on service-level agreement (SLA) features, partitions, scalability up to 128 industry-leading processors, and support for multiple operating environments (OEs). Existing HP 9000 Superdome customers can upgrade to HP Integrity Superdome with Intel Itanium 2 processors by simply swapping out the cell boards, thus retaining their investment in the cabinet, I/O chassis, backplane, power supplies, and memory DIMMs.

Top-of-the-line performance and capacity—scalability to 128 processors

Integrity Superdome servers greatly extend the capabilities of HP servers at the high end. These servers offer the following:

  • High-performance Intel Itanium 2 processor

  • 0.13 micron copper silicon-on-insulator CMOS process

  • Parallel instruction execution

  • Data prefetching and branch prediction capabilities

  • Machine check architecture high-availability features

  • 1.6 or 1.5 GHz core frequency

  • Large on-chip cache (9 MB or 6 MB)

  • Enhanced performance density with HP mx2 Dual-Processor Module

  • Two Intel Itanium 2 processors within the same cell board socket

  • 1.1 GHz core frequency per CPU

  • 32 MB of shared L4 cache per mx2 Dual-Processor Module

  • Scalability up to 128 processors

  • Increased memory subsystem performance and capacity

  • Increased peak memory bandwidth to 256 GB/s per 64-way system

  • Doubled memory capacity (1024 GB overall, with a maximum of 512 GB in any hard partition)

  • Higher-density DIMM support (512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB DIMMs)

  • Configurations available from 2 to 128 CPUs (64 mx2 Dual-Processor Modules) 6

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